10 Interesting Rick Riordan Facts

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Rick Riordan Facts talk about the famous and notable author of the some popular books of kids.   Even though you have never heard his name, I believe that you have heard his famous book Percy Jackson and the Olympian series. He also writes the Heroes of Olympus series and the 39 Clues. Find out more facts about Riordan below:

Rick Riordan Facts 1: date of birth

Riordan was born in San Antonio, Texas on the fifth of June 1964.  He was raised in the city and had his was high school here.

Rick Riordan Facts 2: the interest

When he was a kid, he was interested reading book of mythology and fantasy. The Lord of the Rings is one of his favorite books. When he was 13 years old, he wanted to publish his own book. He was interested to write a book since his early age.

Rick Riordan Facts

Rick Riordan Facts

Rick Riordan Facts 3: the high school time

When he was in his high school, he became the editor for the newspaper at school. After he graduated from the high school, he continued his education at University of Texas. He decided to choose history and English.

Rick Riordan Facts 4: teaching

He began his career as a teacher after he got his teaching certification. Since writing is his passion, he put a lot of effort to become a useful writer. At first, he was successful. Now you can see him as one of the successful writers in the world.

Rick Riordan Image

Rick Riordan Image

Rick Riordan Facts 5: Percy Jackson

When he was a kid, he loved to read the fantasy and mythology. When he was a teacher, Riordan also loved to teach his students about the mythology. There is no need to wonder that he got an idea to create Percy Jackson which links him with mythology. Find out another writer in facts about JK Rowling.

Rick Riordan Facts 6: his son

If you read or watch Percy Jackson, you know that the main character, Percy Jackson has dyslexia. It was inspired from his son Haley who has ADHD and dyslexia.

Rick Riordan Pic

Rick Riordan Pic

Rick Riordan Facts 7: his story

When the night comes, Riordan always tells the story of Percy Jackson to his son, Haley. His son told him that he should write a book about Percy Jackson in the future.

Rick Riordan Facts 8: his sons

Riordan has two sons. Both are Haley and Patrick Riordan.

Rick Riordan

Rick Riordan

Rick Riordan Facts 9: The Kane Chronicles

If you want to know the Percy Jackson series which centered on the Greek Mythology versus the Egyptian Mythology, you have to read the Kane Chronicles.

Rick Riordan Facts 10: his books

Some of his books that you can read are The Lightning Thief (2005), The Last Olympian (2009), The Son of Neptune (2011) and many more. Find out an interesting story in Peter Pan facts.

Rick Riordan's Books

Rick Riordan’s Books

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