10 Interesting Marc Chagall Facts

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Marc Chagall Facts provide the information about the famous Russian artist. In the world, there are many famous artists. You can look at the work of Pablo Picasso, Leonardo da Vinci, Lucian Freud or even Juan Gris. Chagall is famous because he had unique style on the artwork. Let’s find out facts about him below:

Marc Chagall Facts 1: date of birth

Chagall was born on July 6th, 1887 in Liozna. The place of birth now is called Belarus.  Actually Chagall is not his real family name. Shagal is his original name.  He was Jewish.

Marc Chagall Facts 2: a successful artist

Marc Chagall was a very successful and famous artist. He was not only a good painter. This artist was multi-talented because he used different kinds of techniques and media. Chagall liked stained glass, illustration, painting, tapestries, ceramics, and prints.

Marc Chagall Art

Marc Chagall Art

Marc Chagall Facts 3: St Petersburg

Chagall moved to St Petersburg in 1906. He had to earn a temporary passport because Jews were not allowed to enter the city. With the temporary passport, he could study at Zvantseva School of Drawing and Painting.

Marc Chagall Facts 4: Paris

In 1910, he decided to move to Paris. In the city, he created a memorable painting filled with a lot of metaphors and symbolism about his home town, Vitebsk.

Marc Chagall Facts

Marc Chagall Facts

Marc Chagall Facts 5: Bella Rosenfeld

In 1914, Chagall and Bella Rosenfeld married. Three years after the marriage, he got a job offer as commissar of the arts for Vitebsk. Vitebsk Arts College was created when he was in the position as a commissar.

Marc Chagall Facts 6: Hitler’s invasion

Hitler’s invasion to eradicate the Jewish people made Chagall and his family in great danger. He and his family were Jewish and subject to Hitler invasion. He decided to move to US on June 23, 1941. Learn more on Adolf Hitler facts here.

Marc Chagall Image

Marc Chagall Image

Marc Chagall Facts 7: Old Testament

Chagall was famous with his Old Testament’s illustration that he created in 1931. In 1956, the illustrations were published.

Marc Chagall Facts 8: life in New York

He and his family moved to New York City to avoid any Nazi. He was friends with Piet Mondrian and Andre Breton who made him well known as an artist in US. In 1941, the works of Chagall were exhibited in New York and Chicago. The events were organized by Henri Matisse.

Marc Chagall Painting

Marc Chagall Painting

Marc Chagall Facts 9: return to Paris

After the death of his wife and the end of World War II, Chagall decided to move back to Paris.

Marc Chagall Facts 10: Paris Opera

Paris Opera became his painting subject in 1963. He used a 200 square meter of canvas to paint the ceiling of Paris Opera.

Marc Chagall Pic

Marc Chagall Pic

At the age of 97 years old, Chagall died on 28 March 1985. Do you want to share opinion on facts about Marc Chagall?

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