10 Interesting Queen Elizabeth 2 Facts

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Queen Elizabeth 2 Facts talk about the famous queen of England. During her reign as a queen, she has accepted more than 3.5 million items of correspondence. This queen is also smart and educated. There is no need to wonder that she was very fluent speaking French.  Find out more interesting facts about Queen Elizabeth 2 below:

Queen Elizabeth 2 Facts 1: garden parties

The garden party at Buckingham palace is one of the important events waited by the people all over the world. Do you know that there are at least 1.5 million people who have attended the parties since she becomes a queen?

Queen Elizabeth 2 Facts 2: hologram portrait

The first and only hologram portrait of the queen was made in 2003. The hologram features the 3-D effect. It was made in more than 10,000 images. Find out another queen in Queen Victoria facts.

Queen Elizabeth 2 Facts

Queen Elizabeth 2 Facts

Queen Elizabeth 2 Facts 3: the first royal walkabout

In 1970, the Queen and Prince Phillip went to Australia and New Zealand and had the first royal walkabout. It enables the queen to meet the dignitaries, officials and other people.

Queen Elizabeth 2 Facts 4: the royal family

The first TV film about royal family was created in 1969. When Charles was inaugurated as Prince of Wales, the movie was aired. Get facts about Queen Elizabeth the 1st here.


Queen Elizabeth 2 Young

Queen Elizabeth 2 Young

Queen Elizabeth 2 Facts 5: innovation

One of the   best innovations during the era of Queen Elizabeth 2 was the opening of a new gallery at Buckingham Palace in 1962.  If you visit the gallery, you can see the royal collection.

Queen Elizabeth 2 Facts 6: an overseas tour interruption

Her overseas tour was interrupted to Indonesia when a general election was held suddenly in Australia in 1974.

Queen Elizabeth 2 In Red

Queen Elizabeth 2 In Red

Queen Elizabeth 2 Facts 7: parliament opening

In 1959 and 1963, the queen did not open the Parliament because she was expecting the children, Prince Andrew and Edward.

Queen Elizabeth 2 Facts 8: Princess Elizabeth

When she was Princess Elizabeth, she went to South Africa with her father and mother. During her 21st birthday, she celebrated it in Cape Town. In February till May 1947, she went there again as a King and Queen.

Queen Elizabeth 2 Picture

Queen Elizabeth 2 Picture

Queen Elizabeth 2 Facts 9: Commonwealth tour

On 24 November 1953, she began the first commonwealth tour. She visited New Zealand, Fiji, Panama, Jamaica, Bermuda, Tongan, Uganda, Australia, the Cocos Islands, Gibraltar, Malta and many more.

Queen Elizabeth 2 Facts 10: China

The first British Monarch to visit China was Queen Elizabeth 2. She did it in 1986.

Queen Elizabeth 2

Queen Elizabeth 2

Are you impressed with facts about Queen Elizabeth II?

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