10 Interesting Pythagoras Facts

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Pythagoras Facts elaborate the detail ideas about the famous philosopher and mathematician.   People knew him as a Greek. Actually he was the founder of Pythagoreanism. It was a religious movement.  You can call this genius person Pythagoras of Samos as his notable name. Get more interesting information about him in the below post:

Pythagoras Facts 1: the personal life

There is no record about his personal life. Actually the works of Pythagoras were well known among people after his death.

Pythagoras Facts 2: traveling

The young Pythagoras liked to travel to know other parts of the world. He was just like other Greek philosophers and researchers who wandered around as a young man. He went to Egypt and other parts of the Mediterranean after leaving his hometown of Samos.Find out another interesting figure in Hippocrates facts.

Pythagoras Facts

Pythagoras Facts

Pythagoras Facts 3: a founder of religion

Not many people realize that Pythagoras founded as a religion. It was called Pythagoreanism.  In 530 BC, he founded the religion in Croton. However, the religious view and political involvement were not accepted by the people. Therefore, Pythagoras and his followers were persecuted.

Pythagoras Facts 4: the belief of his religions

Pythagoras created his religions based on the belief that everything was associated with mathematics and numbers.

Pythagoras Pic

Pythagoras Pic

Pythagoras Facts 5: the first philosopher

The report states that the first person who identified himself as a philosopher was Pythagoras. Do you know the meaning of a philosopher? It is the love of ideas.

Pythagoras Facts 6: contribution

Pythagoras gave a lot of contributions to religious mysticism, science, mathematics and modern philosophy.

Pythagoras Statue

Pythagoras Statue

Pythagoras Facts 7: pythagorean Theorem

People must be familiar with Pythagorean Theorem.  You always learn it when you are at school. The pattern for this Pythagorean Theorem is A2 + B2 =C2.

Pythagoras Facts 8: how to use the Pythagorean Theorem?

The ancient Babylonians and Indians are included as the first person who used Pythagorean Theorem. However, the usage was not recorded on the writing. But these people used it as the principle of understanding.

Pythagoras Theorem

Pythagoras Theorem

Pythagoras Facts 9: the spread of Pythagorean Theorem

Since there is no record for Babylonians and Indians about the usage of Pythagorean Theorem, it is believed that the contemporaries, students and followers of Pythagoras who spread his idea.

Pythagoras Facts 10: other fields

Pythagoras also contributes in the field of music, divination, astronomy and medicine.



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