10 Interesting Jackson Pollock Facts

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Jackson Pollock facts will be so much considerable for any people who really love to get the best information about this painter. There are some basic facts that you really need to know about him actually. The more you review about him is the better.

Jackson Pollock Facts 1: birth

Jackson Pollock was born in 1912. It was in Cody, Wyoming. He actually was the youngest of 5 sons. He was known as an influential painter in USA and also had become a major figure in the movement of abstract expressionist.

Jackson Pollock Facts 2: family

His father had been born having the surname of McCoy. Yet, he took the surname of adoptive parents. His parents are LeRoy and Stella Pollock. They were Presbyterian. They were also Scots-Irish and also Irish descent.

Jackson Pollock

Jackson Pollock

Jackson Pollock Facts 3: Manual Arts High School

He enrolled at Los Angeles’ Manual Arts High School. It was when he lived in Echo Park, California. Yet, he was expelled. He learned and explored Native American culture while surveying trips with his father.

Jackson Pollock Facts 4: New York City

It was in 1930 when he followed his older brother named Charles Pollock. He conducted moving to New York City. They studied at the Art Students League under Thomas Hart Benton.

Jackson Pollock  Pic

Jackson Pollock Pic

Jackson Pollock Facts 5: influence

If it was about the work influence, it was Benton who had provided the greatest influence. Yet, the rhythmic use of paint and also his fierce independence were more lasting. It was from 1938 and also 1942 when he worked for WPA Federal Art Project.

Jackson Pollock Facts 6: alcoholism

He tried to deal with the alcoholism from 1938 up to 1941. The idea was to get Jungian psychotherapy with Dr. Joseph Henderson and later with Dr. Violet Staub de Laslo in 1941 up to 1942.

Jackson Pollock Black and White

Jackson Pollock Black and White

Jackson Pollock Facts 7: Henderson

Dr. Henderson recommended him to do artwork, He encourage Pollock to make drawings. The concepts of Jungian and also archetypes were expressed within his paintings.

Jackson Pollock Facts 8:  bipolar

There were many historians having he hypothesize related to Pollock’s problem. It was said that Pollock had bipolar disorder.

Jackson Pollock Painting

Jackson Pollock Painting

Jackson Pollock Facts 9: Lee Krasner

It was in October 1945 when Pollock married American painter named Lee Krasner. In November, they moved out to the Springs area of East Hampton. It was on the south shore of Long Island.

Jackson Pollock Facts 10: death

It was on August 11, 1956, when Pollock died in a single-car crash. It was in his Oldsmobile convertible when driving under the influence of alcohol.

Jackson Pollock Pasta

Jackson Pollock Pasta

To gain more facts about Jackson Pollock, I recommend you in reading some qualities of resources out there including textbooks and also internet. It will be so much beneficial in how to learn further about this person.

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