10 Interesting Jean Piaget Facts

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Jean Piaget facts are interesting for those who like to learn about zoology. Many people can gain inspiration from this person. Based on this reason, I want to provide you information about her personal life and early life.

Jean Piaget Facts 1: birth

First basic fact to learn about him is related to the birth. He actually was born in 1986. It was in Neuchatel in the Francophone region of Switzerland.

Jean Piaget Facts 2: family

Jean Piaget was the oldest son of Arthur Piaget. The father was a professor at the University of Neuchatel. The mother’s name was Rebecca Jackson who was a precocious child developed an interest in biology and also natural world.

Jean Piaget facts

Jean Piaget facts

Jean Piaget Facts 3: zoology

He had his early interest in zoology which had earned him a reputation among those who was in the field after he got many articles published out there. It was on the age of 15.

Jean Piaget Facts 4: education

Jean Piaget had the education at the University of Neuchatel. He also studied at the University of Zurich. He published 2 papers showing the direction of his thinking at the time.

Jean Piaget Glasses

Jean Piaget Glasses

Jean Piaget Facts 5: tests

When he was helping to mark some of the tests, Piaget noticed that young children consistently gave wrong answers to many questions.

Jean Piaget Facts 6: Claperede’s ideas

Jean Piaget was actually familiar with many of Claparede’s ideas which may include psychological concept closely related with many trials and errors. It was for the observation within their mental patterns.

Jean Piaget Pic

Jean Piaget Pic

Jean Piaget Facts 7: marriage

It was in 193 when he married Valentine Chatenay. They had 3 children. It was during 1925 to 1929when Piaget became the professor of sociology, psychology, and also philosophy of science. It was at the University of Neuchatel.

Jean Piaget Facts 8: chief consultant

Jean Piaget was invited to serve as the chief consultant at 2 conferences at Cornell University. It was also in University of California, Berkeley.

Jean Piaget Pipe

Jean Piaget Pipe

Jean Piaget Facts 9: Balzan Prize

It was in 1979 when he was awarded the Balzan Prize. It was for Political and Social Sciences actually.

Jean Piaget Facts 10: death

He was buried along with his family in an unmarked grave in the Cimetiere des Rois. It was in Geneva.

Jean Piaget Statue

Jean Piaget Statue

The facts above can be the basic ideas for you to study. You can also review the facts about Jean Piaget after reading the post.

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