10 Interesting Hand Washing Facts

Wednesday, September 4th 2013. | Health

Hand washing facts make you concern more about healthy life. The unwashed hands can transmit the bacteria and germs inside the body. People are suggested to wash their hands before they eat food, prepare food and use the toilet. Washing your hand should be included as a part of life style. Teach your kids to wash their hands regularly to avoid any disease spreading inside the family. Here are several facts about hand washing to understand:

Hand Washing Facts 1: Proper Hand Washing

Washing your hand should be done properly. The rate for the people who want wash their hands appropriately is only five percent.

Hand Washing Facts 2: Benefits of Washing Hands

There are several benefits that you can get when you wash the hand in proper ways. You can kill the bacteria and germ. Most germs and bacteria are transmitted inside the body through the food that you eat each day. Get more bacteria facts here.

Hand Washing Area

Hand Washing Area

Hand Washing Facts 3: Proper Hand Wash

The main thing that you need to do when you want to wash hands properly is by using soap for about 15 second. Rinse the hands properly using water.

Hand Washing Facts 4: Rate of Hand Washing

It is stated that one from 10 people does not wash their hands in a day. Some people cannot kill germ if they do not use any soap when washing the hands. It is stated that 3 from 10 people only use water when they wash the hands.

Hand Washing facts

Hand Washing facts

Hand Washing Facts 5: Men and Boys

The rate of washing hands for men and boy are lowered. The bigger rate is on girls and women because they concern more with cleanness and health. Respiratory system facts give you info about the importance to maintain clean hands.

Hand Washing Facts 6: Soap

One of the most important things that you should never forget when you want the hands is soap. Choose the antibacterial soap which can eliminate the bacteria and germ from your hands. More women use soap while a half of men do not use soap when washing hands.

Hand Washing

Hand Washing

Hand Washing Facts 7: Frequency

The frequency of washing hands is higher during the morning and noon. At night, many people are less concerned washing their hands.

Hand Washing Facts 8: Signs of Washing Hands

To make washing hand becomes a part of your life, you can put a sign for washing hand in your toilet or bathroom sink. You can remind them by putting the sign in the bathroom and kitchen.

Washing Hands

Washing Hands

Hand Washing Facts 9: Food Service

The people who work in a restaurant should understand the need of washing hands frequently. They can transmit bacteria and virus if they never wash hand when they prepare the menu for the customers.

Hand Washing Facts 10: Dirty Hands

Many people avoid washing hand if they find out that your hands are dirty after washing the tub.

Proper hand washing

Proper hand washing

Washing hand is a very vital thing to do not only for children but also adults. You need to give the children an example for a good daily habit. Do you want to add more info on facts about hand washing?

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