10 Interesting Prince Harry Facts

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Prince Harry Facts tell you about the brother of Prince William.   He is cute, charming and adorable. He has an adorable ginger look which hypnotizes many girls in the world. People are always interested with his romantic relationship. Do you know her has an unusual sense of humor. Do you still remember when he wore a NAZI costume? It made him end up in a controversy. /Let’s find out more facts about Prince Harry Charles Albert David of Wales below:

Prince Harry Facts 1: My Little Spencer

His interesting nickname is My Little Spencer.  His mother, Lady Diana often called him My Little Spencer since he got a red hair which came from Lady Diana’s family.

Prince Harry Facts 2: childhood time

When William and Henry were young, the naughty one was William, not him even though William is his elder brother. When he was a child, Harry was called as Billy the Basher.

Prince Harry Formal Affair

Prince Harry Formal Affair

Prince Harry Facts 3: a lop eared rabbit

The owner of a lop eared rabbit in the county estate of the royal family at Highgrove is Prince Harry. Henry and William liked to clean the hutch where the rabbit lives. Both also love sheep.

Prince Harry Facts 4: Jane Mynors nursery school

Many people think that being a prince is good since people will behave around you. But the childhood time of Harry was not really good. When he was three years old, he went to Jane Mynors nursery school in London. He was often bullied there. It is so hard for him to mix with other children.

Prince Harry Military

Prince Harry Military

Prince Harry Facts 5: better life as a toddler

He had a better life as a toddler when he became a goblin in Christmas day.  He also participated in a speaking role as a shepherd.

Prince Harry Facts 6: Ludgrove boarding school

In 1992, Harry went to Ludgrove boarding school. He was just seven years old at that time. The decision to send him on a boarding school was great since the intimate conversation of his mother and James Gilbey was posted in the Sun. It kept him away from the paper.

Prince Harry Facts

Prince Harry Facts

Prince Harry Facts 7: Africa

Prince Harry was impressed with Africa. He traveled with his father in Africa and visited South Africa and Botswana. He also met the famous Nelson Mandela. Get facts about Africa here.

Prince Harry Facts 8: Zulu

Zulu is one of his favorite films. The movie is about the Anglo-Zulu war in Southern Africa in 1879. It was published in 1964.

Prince Harry

Prince Harry

Prince Harry Facts 9: Eton School

At the age of 14, he went to Eton School. During his third year in Eton, he began his military career. He got the highest rank of Cadet Officer.

Prince Harry Facts 10: best friends

It was a very sad new for Harry to find out that Henry van Straubenzee passed away in a car crash accident in 2002. He was his best friend from Ludgrove.

facts about Prince Harry

facts about Prince Harry

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