10 Interesting Sperm Whale Facts

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Find out the interesting Sperm Whale Facts in the below post. This animal has the biological name Physeter macrocephalus. The sperm whale is considered as the largest toothed predator and the largest of toothed whales. In the genus Physeter, sperm whale is considered as the only living member. It is included in the genus Kogia along with dwarf whale and pygmy sperm whale. Let’s check the interesting facts about sperm whale below:

Sperm Whale Facts 1: the length of the mature sperm whale

Can you guess the length of the mature sperm whale? It can reach 52 feet or 16 meters. The report finds out that sperm whale can reach the length at 67 feet or 20.5 metres.

Sperm Whale Facts 2: the head

The head of sperm whale is very long. It occupied one-third of the total length of sperm whale’s body.

Sperm Whale Size

Sperm Whale Size

Sperm Whale Facts 3: the main diet for sperm whale

Squid is considered as the main diet for sperm whale. This animal can reach up to 7,382 feet or 2,250 metres to catch the prey. Therefore, sperm whale is considered as the second deepest diving mammal.  The first one is Cuvier’s beaked whale.

Sperm Whale Facts 4: the communication

The communication or echolocation is applied by sperm whale by using the clicking vocalization.  It can reach 230 decibels.

Sperm Whale

Sperm Whale

Sperm Whale Facts 5: the brain

The brain of sperm whale is very large. If you compare the weight of the sperm whale’s brain with human’s brain, it is five times heavier. Therefore, sperm whale has the largest brain on earth.

Sperm Whale Facts 6: the life span

The life span of sperm whale can reach 60 years.

Sperm Whale Pic

Sperm Whale Pic

Sperm Whale Facts 7: the habitat

You can find the sperm whale living in the open ocean. During the non mating season, the male sperm whale will live alone. The young males and females will live together. The young will be nursed and protected by the female sperm whales. Check sponge facts here.

Sperm Whale Facts 8: the natural predators

The pods of orcas like to take the weakened sperm whales and their calves.

Sperm Whale Picture

Sperm Whale Picture

Sperm Whale Facts 9: spermaceti

Spermaceti is used to call the liquid wax located on the sperm whale’s head. The people used this spermaceti for oil lamps, lubricants and candles. Get facts about squid here.

Sperm Whale Facts 10: other food

Besides squid, sperm whales like to consume octopuses, colossal squid, giant squid and demersal rays. But the main food for sperm whale is the medium sized squid.

Sperm Whale Facts

Sperm Whale Facts

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