10 Interesting Perth Facts

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If you want to know the detail information about one of the main cities in Australia, you have to check Perth Facts. If you have never come to the city before, it is better for you to know some quirky facts about Perth. In the past, it was called Boorloo. If you are curious about Perth, check the post below:

Perth Facts 1: name

As I have stated before, Perth was called Boorloo. It was included as a part of Mooro. Once the tribal group, Yellagonga lived here.

Perth Facts 2: the sunniest city

If you like to visit the sunniest city in Australia, you have to go to Perth. Even though Perth is called as the most isolated capital city in the world, it gives people the warm atmosphere. You will get enough hours of sunlight in one day.

Perth at Night

Perth at Night

Perth Facts 3: the city of light

Perth is called as a city of light for a reason. It is due to the fact that John Glenn, the astronaut could identify Perth in 1962 from the sky due to the sparkling lights on the city.

Perth Facts 4: The oldest operating mint

If you decide to visit Perth, you can check out the oldest operating mint in Australia. It is located in Hay Street. In 1899, the mint was created. It was used for producing the platinum, silver and gold coins.

Perth Beach

Perth Beach

Perth Facts 5: the museum

People can visit the mint because it also has a museum. There are at least 120,000 people visiting the Perth Mint each year. They like to watch how the platinum, gold, palladium and silver are made into coins.

Perth Facts 6: the self made millionaires

Do you know that there are many self made millionaires live in Perth? This city is blessed the highest per capita numbers.

Perth City

Perth City

Perth Facts 7: jealousy

With a great capita in the city, I believe that many other cities in Australia are very jealous with it. Other big cities in Australia include Sydney and Victoria.

Perth Facts 8: Rottnest Island

Around five thousand years ago, people would go from Perth to Rottnest Island by food. It was not a stupid activity to do since there was no means of transportation.

Perth Facts

Perth Facts

Perth Facts 9: the modern city

Since today people live in a modern world, they can reach Rottnest Island by using a ferry. Get facts about Australian here.

Perth Facts 10: visiting Perth

If you decide to visit Perth, you have to look at the important and fascinating places in the city. Don’t forget to enjoy the nightlight in the city.

Perth Vacation

Perth Vacation

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