10 Interesting Cleethorpes Facts

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Cleethorpes facts are important for those who want to learn about the town. Some people consider it unimportant to learn about cities. Yet, getting additional knowledge will not harm you, am I right? Therefore, just read more below for finding more unique things about this city.

Cleethorpes Facts 1: 3 small villages

Before there was Cleethorpes, there were 3 villages. Those 3 villages later may make up the town. The names of villages are Oole, Thrunscoe, and also ltterby. You can find them in various sources.

Cleethorpes Facts 2: history of the name

People need to find out about the name history of Cleethorpes. The name actually comes from the words of clee and thorpes. Clee means clay and thorpes means villages. The words are Old English.

Cleethorpes facts

Cleethorpes facts

Cleethorpes Facts 3: the development

There were once Neolithic and the age of Bronze within the town. Later, the occupation becomes permanent in early 6th century. It was the Danish who became the main settlers.

Cleethorpes Facts 4: railways

The town gained expansion mostly because of the railways. The railways link the town to others especially Yorkshire. Yorkshire is really a famous industrial town. This becomes the major advantage for Cleethorpes. Both Cleethorpes Pier and the promenade become the major railways.

Cleethorpes and beach

Cleethorpes and beach

Cleethorpes Facts 5: the common sights

People who visit Cleethorpes find the wonderful sights. The most recognizable ones are forts of Second World War. The names are Haile Sand and Bul Sand. They are located on the Humber River. The forts were built to repel German ships.

Cleethorpes Facts 6: tourism

To attract more tourists, there is a ruin. It is the Ross Castle. It was built in the year 1863. The purpose is to increase the tourism quality.

Cleethorpes city

Cleethorpes city

Cleethorpes Facts 7: the earthquake

In the year 2008, a terrible earthquake attacked the town. It was 5.2 Richter scale. It was considered to be the worst within the late 24 years in UK. The epicenter was somewhere near Rasen.

Cleethorpes Facts 8:  tornado

Besides earthquake, there was another bad disaster such as tornado. The disaster lasted for approximately 30 minutes. The tornado had the height of 150 feet.

People in Cleethorpes

People in Cleethorpes

Cleethorpes Facts 9: 1801 census

In the year 1801, there was a census. The result of the census was 284. This was a small number.

Cleethorpes Facts 10: entertainment

There were number of entertainment performances in 1990. There was a gig and singing performance of Damon Albarn.

Ross Castle Cleethorpes

Ross Castle Cleethorpes

Gathering facts about Cleethorpes will be sufficient those who want to get closer with the town. I really hope the facts above are beneficial for you.

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