10 Interesting Medusa Facts

Wednesday, July 16th 2014. | Mythology

Medusa Facts elaborate the detail facts about a monster in Greek mythology. When you hear the word Medusa, it always reminds you with poisonous snakes on her head.  Medusa is also called Gorgon. If you are interested to find out the detail of this ugly and cruel woman, read the following post below:

Medusa Facts 1: physical appearance

Talking about her physical appearance, Medusa does not have any hair. It has a lot of poisonous snakes as the hair on her head. Medusa is well known as a hideous woman.

Medusa Facts 2: Poseidon

Before Medusa turned into a hideous woman who owns snake hair, she actually was a beautiful woman with long golden hair. The God punished her because she fell in love with Poseidon.

Medusa Facts

Medusa Facts

Medusa Facts 3: parents

Her father was a God of the sea, Phorcys. The Greek mythology states that Phorcys had red spiked skin and claws for the legs. Her mother was a female sea God named Ceto.

Medusa Facts 4: Africa

After she was punished by God, Medusa wandered on Africa.  The legend stated many baby snakes fell off from the head of Medusa. It explains why the African continent had myriads of snakes. Learn more about African facts here.

Medusa Movie

Medusa Movie

Medusa Facts 5: stone

The legend states that if you stare at Medusa directly, your body will turn into a stone. The one who could kill her was Perseus. He could avoid looking at her by putting a mirror in front of her. When Medusa saw her reflection on the mirror, she turned into a stone.

Medusa Facts 6: Who is Perseus?

Perseus is one of the notable Greek heroes. God sent him to kill Medusa. He had cloak of a darkness, winged sandals and mirrored shield.

Medusa Movie

Medusa Movie

Medusa Facts 7: cutting the head of Medusa

After Medusa became a stone, Perseus cut of her head. Then winged horses called Pegasus came from her head.

Medusa Facts 8: a protective symbol

Even though Medusa is known with her evil character, her head remains a protective symbol. The French revolution used it as a symbol of freedom.

Medusa Pic

Medusa Pic

Medusa Facts 9: painting

Medusa is used as an object by some famous painters in their works. You can see her in the paintings of Caravaggio, Rubens and Pablo Picasso.

Medusa Facts 10: movies

You can also see Medusa depicted in some movies.  The Gorgon is British horror movie in 1964. You can also see her in Clash of The Titans and Percy Jackson and the Lighting Thief.



If you want to know her carved image, you can visit Red Beach located outside Matala, Crete. Do you want to share ideas on facts about Medusa?

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