10 Interesting Hades Facts

Sunday, March 9th 2014. | Mythology

Hades facts give you fascinating information about one the characters in Greek mythology. Hades is famous with his underworld power. He is the brother of Zeus. If you are curious about Greek Mythology, you need to learn about Hades. He is one of the important characters. Find out about Hades facts below:

Hades Facts 1: parents

Hades’ father is Cronus. His mother is Rhea. He is the brother of Poseidon who has power of the sea and Zeus who has power on the sky. Hades is well known with his realm on the underworld.

Hades Facts 2: helmet of invisibility

Hades got the helmet of invisibility so that he could beat the titans. The one who gave him the helmet was Cyclops. There is no need to wonder that he is called Hades which means the invisible.

Hades facts

Hades facts

Hades Facts 3: worship

You cannot compare Hades with other Greek gods and goddesses.  People rarely worship Hades because he is considered as the enemy of men, gods and life.

Hades Facts 4: Pluto

Pluto is considered as a good form of Hades. People worshiped him in the form of God because he is known as the god of wealth.

Hades God of Underworld

Hades God of Underworld

Hades Facts 5: abduction of Persephone

Abduction of Persephone is always associated with Hades.  This myth can be seen in some movies. If you have watched Percy Jackson and the Lighting Thief, you can see the character of Persephone and Hades.

Hades Facts 6: Cerberus

Cerberus is the watchdog of Hades. This myth always associates the dog as the key to the underworld. Other attributes of Hades include the cypress and narcissus, a two-pronged pick-axe and cornucopia.

Hades Image

Hades Image

Hades Facts 7: Acheron

Acheron is the river linked with Hades. The river is considered as the path to the underworld.

Hades Facts 8: Hermes

Hermes is the off spring of Zeus and Maia.  His job is to guide the soul of the dead to go to the underworld.  The messenger of God is liked with his winged sandals.

Hades Pic

Hades Pic

Hades Facts 9: rivers

There are five rivers in the underworld that Hades lives in. Those are Cocytus, Styx, Phlegethon, Acheron and Lethe.

Hades Facts 10: Lethe

Lethe is the river which represents forgetfulness. To forget the life that the soul of the dead in the earth, they have to drink the water of River Lethe.



As I have stated before, Cerberus is the dog that Hades has.   This tree headed dog is the guardian of Hades’ Entrance area. Are you interested with facts about Hades?

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