10 Interesting Vampire Facts

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Vampire Facts inform the readers about a being from folklore. It is depicted for feeding on blood of the human being. The undead beings were referred to as vampires in the European folklore.  The pale vampires were traced in the beginning of the nineteenth century. The presence of vampires is spotted in various cultures around the world.  In the beginning of 18th century, the vampires were popular in the western world. Let us check other interesting facts about vampire below:

Vampire Facts 1: the vampire legends

The vampire legends were common in the Eastern Europe and Balkans due to the superstition about vampire in Western Europe.

Vampire Facts 2: the local variants of vampires

Vampires were locally known in different names. In Romania, the vampires are called strigoi. In Greece and Albania, the vampires are called vrykolakas and shtriga.



Vampire Facts 3: the mass hysteria

There was a mass hysteria in Europe due to the increased level of vampire superstition.  The hysteria led into the accusation of a person as a vampire and corpse being staked.

Vampire Facts 4: vampire in modern era

Most people believe that vampire is only a fictitious being during the modern era. Nevertheless, some cultures still believe in the presence of vampires. Check facts about the Bermuda Triangle here.

Vampire Pic

Vampire Pic

Vampire Facts 5: the early belief about vampire

The ignorance of the body’s process of decomposition was often referred to the development of the beginning of vampire folklore.

Vampire Facts 6: Porphyria

In 1985, the legend of vampirism was associated with Porphyria.  The media widely exposed it.

Vampire Image

Vampire Image

Vampire Facts 7: The Vampyre by John Polidori

The Vampyre by John Polidori was a publication, which marked the modern fiction of vampire described in sophisticated and charismatic character.  In the beginning of 19th century, the story was very popular.

Vampire Facts 8: the most famous vampire novel

The most famous vampire novel of all time is Dracula released in 1897. The author was Bram Stoker. It set the foundation for the modern vampire legend. Get facts about Trojan War here.

Vampire Facts

Vampire Facts

Vampire Facts 9: horror genre

In the popular culture, vampire is considered as one of the important figures in the horror genre. It is depicted in the TV shows, films and books.

Vampire Facts10: the precursors of modern vampires

Actually, the precursors of modern vampires had been developed in the tales of spirits and demons in many cultures such as Ancient Roman, Ancient Greek, Hebrews and Mesopotamian cultures.

Facts about Vampire

Facts about Vampire

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