10 Interesting Perseus Facts

Wednesday, October 8th 2014. | Mythology

Let me provide you with the interesting Perseus Facts. This Greek mythology is famous after killing Medusa. He is considered as one of the major heroes in Greek Mythology. Do you know that he is the one who saved Andromeda from the sea monster? Get the detail facts about Perseus to know more about his characters and powers.

Perseus Facts 1: fame

Perseus is considered as the founder of Peloponnesian city of Mycenae. The city was led by Agamemnon. If you look at the Greek history, Agamemnon was the leader in Trojan War.

Perseus Facts 2: Electryon

Perseus has several sons. One of them is Electryon. The mother of Hercules, Alcmena was the daughter of Electryon. Other sons of Perseus were Sthenelus, Alcaeus, Mestor, Heleus, and Perses. He only owned a daughter. She was Gorgophone.

Perseus and Andromeda

Perseus and Andromeda

Perseus Facts 3: Infancy of Perseus

Perseus did not own a good infancy time. There was a prophecy that Acrisius would be killed by a son of his daughter Danae. So she was protected from any men. However, Zeus who changed himself as a golden shower made her pregnant and gave birth Perseus.

Perseus Facts 4: into the sea

After he was born by Danae, Acrisius sent both them on the sea by locking them inside a chest. The chest landed on Seriphus Island. The island was owned by Polydectes.

Perseus and Medusa

Perseus and Medusa

Perseus Facts 5: Polydectes

When living in the island, Danae was wooed by Polydectes.  To save his mother, Perseus was asked by Polydectes to get the head of medusa.

Perseus Facts 6: killing medusa

Killing medusa is not easy to do. When you see the eyes of medusa, you will be turned into stone. Perseus should get the head of Medusa to impress Polydectes. He got a help from Hermes and Athena.  He got some useful equipment to chop off the medusa’s head. Check Medusa facts here.

Perseus Facts

Perseus Facts

Perseus Facts 7: Andromeda

Perseus fell in love with Andromeda. Andromeda and his family were exposed to sea monster. Perseus who fell in love with her wanted to kill the sea monster if she wanted to marry him.

Perseus Facts 8: the prize for Polydectes

When he came home, he gave the head of Medusa to Polydectes who behaved badly in the island. When polydectes saw the head of Medusa, he turned into a stone.

Perseus Florence

Perseus Florence

Perseus Facts 9: Athena

Perseus gave the head of Medusa to Athena who kept it at the middle of her shield. Actually Medusa’s head can be used as a strong weapon.

Perseus Facts 10: killing Acrisius

The prophecy came true.  He accidentally killed Acrisius when a discus that he held on his hand was swept away by the wind and killed his grandfather.



Talking about his death, he was killed by Megapenthes. Are you interested reading facts about Perseus?

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