10 Interesting Wales Facts

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United Kingdom is divided in a number of countries. One of them is Wales. The south part of Wales shares border with Bristol Channel. The north and west feature Irish Sea. England is found at the east part. The total area of Wales is measured at 8,023 square miles or 20,799 km square. It was a home for 3,063,456 people in 2011. Most parts of Wales are mountainous. The length of its coastline is 2,700 km or 1,680 miles. Let us check other interesting facts about Wales below:

Wales Facts 1: the highest summit

What is the highest summit in Wales? It is Snowdown or Yr Wyddfa. The central and north areas of Wales feature the higher peaks.

Wales Facts 2: the climate

Wales has the maritime climate due to its location at the North Temperate Zone. Look at facts about Venezuela here.

Wales Pic

Wales Pic

Wales Facts 3: the society

At first, most people who lived in Wales focused on the agriculture. Then they turned into an industrial nation due to the presence of industrial revolution.

Wales Facts 4: the concentration of population

The population in Wales is mainly concentrated on Newport, Swansea, and Cardiff. South Wales is popular due to the rapid expansion.

Wales Facts

Wales Facts

Wales Facts 5: the present-day economy

The present-day economy of Wales is focused on the tourism, light and service industries and public sector. The heavy industries in Wales have decline in past years.

Wales Facts 6: the identity

The locals who live in Wales retain their Welsh cultural identity. Most of them are bilingual even though English is considered as the prevalent language for communication. At  least 560,000 people speak Welsh in the country. Most people who live in the west and north speak Welsh.

Wales Map

Wales Map

Wales Facts 7: World Heritage Sites

The Blaenavon Industrial Landscape, Pontcysyllte Aqueduct, Castles, and Town walls of King Edward I in Gwynedd earn the status of World Heritage Sites from UNESCO.

Wales Facts 8: the mythology

The mythology in Wales is associated with the Celts. Most of them were passed to the next generation through the oral traditions. The Red Book of Hergest was written circa 1400. The Book of Taliesin and the White Book of Rhydderch was traced back in 14th century. Both of them are the surviving Welsh manuscripts. Get facts about Meath here.

Facts about Wales

Facts about Wales

Wales Facts 9: National Museum of Wales

In 1907, the royal charter established the National Museum of Wales.

Wales Facts 10: the art

The Celtic art is retained in Wales. The first prominent British landscapist was probably Richard Wilson who lived in 1714 until 1782.



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