10 Interesting Pakistan Facts

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Pakistan Facts present the detail information about the country which celebrates the Independence Day on 14 August. The country became an independent state since 1947. If you want to know more facts about Pakistan, check the following post below:

Pakistan Facts 1: population

Based on the population in the country, Pakistan is placed in the sixth position in the world. The five countries with the largest population include China, India, US, Indonesia and Brazil. There is no need to wonder that it comes in the sixth position because a baby is born every seven seconds.

Pakistan Facts 2: the tallest cake

The record of the tallest cake in the world was taken by Pakistan from 1997 till 2008. The cake has the height of 105 feet. But in 2008, the record was surpassed for Indonesia has the tallest cake with the height of 108 feet.

Pakistan Facts

Pakistan Facts

Pakistan Facts 3: sapling

Even though the world’s tallest cake is not owned by Pakistan anymore, it still has the world record for the most saplings planted in one day. The country has 750,000 mangrove sapling records.

Pakistan Facts 4: chickpeas

The first producer of chickpeas in the world is India. The second record is taken by Pakistan.

Pakistan Industry

Pakistan Industry

Pakistan Facts 5: name

The name Pakistan means land of the pure in Urdu and Persian language.  Pak means pure, while Stan means land. The official name of the country is Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Pakistan Facts 6: the land area

The total land area of Pakistan is around 307,374 mi²/ 796,095 km². It is slightly bigger compared to the combined areas of UK and France.

Pakistan Lahore

Pakistan Lahore

Pakistan Facts 7: the land border

There are several countries which border Pakistan such as Iran, India, Afghanistan and China.

Pakistan Facts 8: the capital city

Can you tell me the capital city of Pakistan? It is Islamabad. Based on the census in 2013, the city was only occupied by 1 million people. It only sits on the ninth largest city in the country based on the population.

Pakistan Land

Pakistan Land

Pakistan Facts 9: Karachi

Karachi is called as the largest city in the Pakistan. It is inhabited by more than 13 million people. The people live here because of the major seaport and finance. Get Karachi facts here.

Pakistan Facts 10: the population in Pakistan

Let me tell you the number of the people living in Pakistan. You can find 193 million here.



The oldest known civilization in Pakistan is located in the Indus. 9000 years ago, there were The Neolithic Mehrgarh and Indus people living here. Are you impressed with facts about Pakistan?

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