10 Interesting Fungi Facts

Tuesday, June 25th 2013. | Plants

Fungi facts elaborate the interesting and unique information about one of the little creatures in the world. There are many types of fungi that you can find on the wild area. Some of them are beneficial to human being, while others can be deadly to human being. If you are trapped in the jungle, you need to be careful before you pick fungi. They can be deadly because of the poison. Here are some interesting facts about fungi:

Fungi Facts 1: Plant Kingdom

In the past, fungi were placed in Plant kingdom because it resembles similar look with many plants morphologically. However, experts realize that fungi are totally different with all plants in the world after the phylogenetic analysis. Thus, a kingdom called fungi is created.

Fungi Facts 2: Parasites

All pants contain chlorophyll and can make their own food and nourishment.  On the other hand, fungi live as a parasite. They get nourishment from the host plants.

Fungi  on Tree

Fungi on Tree

Fungi Facts 3: Food

There are some ways that fungi can obtain food. They can be a parasite on plant host. Or they can get the food from the dead organisms surrounded their habitat.

Fungi Facts 4: Macroscopic Fungi

Macroscopic fungi can be seen on your naked eyes. You do not need to use any tool like microscope to see it. The primary examples of macroscopic fungi include mushroom and molds.

Fungi Facts

Fungi Facts

Fungi Facts 5: Microscopic Fungi

There are some fungi that you cannot see with naked eyes. They are called as microscopic fungi. The most common form is called as the hyphae. The diameter of this form is around 2 up to 10 micrometer.

Fungi Facts 6: Function of Fungi

Just like bacteria, fungi can recycle the debris, living organism and dead plants. They can make the soil more fertile. If there are no fungi in the world, our environment will be filled with a lot of garbage and debris.



Fungi Facts 7: Sunlight

Plants need sunlight when they want to cook their own food. Without sunlight many plants will be dead. Mushroom has similar attitude for it grows toward sunlight. However, the experts do not know why sunlight is needed by mushroom because fungi cannot cook their own food. See the oak tree facts if you want toknow more about the host of fungi.

Fungi Facts 8: Cordyceps

Cordyceps is oldest mushroom in the world. The age is about 90 million years ago.  A fossil of fungi called Prototaxites was discovered in 1895.  The age of the fossil is about 420 million years ago.

Small Fungi

Small Fungi

Fungi Facts 9: Stonehenge Ruins

If you want to know the fairy ring of mushrooms that you can see them from a plane. You need to fly around the Stonehenge in Britain. The colonies are big. You can read the post about rock facts  for more information of  types of rock in the world.

Fungi Facts 10: Benefits of Fungi

Fungi are beneficial to the life of human being. You can cook mushroom for a delicious meal and medicines. In this present day, fungi are used to save environment too. They can digest and eat the industrial waste and pesticides.

Microscopic Fungi

Microscopic Fungi

Now you know that mushroom is neither animal nor plant. When you touch a mushroom, you can feel the hardest naturally made substance on earth called chitin located on the spores of mushroom. Are you fascinated with facts about fungi above?

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