10 Interesting Kudzu Facts

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Read one of the useful plants in the world in Kudzu facts. Probably most of you have not heard about kudzu plant.  This plant has been used by Chinese people for traditional cure for some diseases. If you are curious to know more about the plant, look at the following post below:

Kudzu Facts 1: botanical name

The botanical name of Kudzu is Pueraria lobata. But some people call it with different names such as foot a night vine, mile a minute vine, Kudzu vine or even ge-gen.  The plant is included in the family of Fabaceae legume.

Kudzu Facts 2: vine-that-ate-the-South

Another name of Kudzu is vine-that-ate-the-South. The plant gains its name since it has a rapid growth property on its body.  If you grow Kudzu on the tree poles or even fence, the vines will spread or climb on them.

Kudzu Facts

Kudzu Facts

Kudzu Facts 3: place of living

Finding kudzu is very easy if you live in United States, Japan, or China. The plant is very common in those countries. You can find Kudzu in mountain area, shady area, forest, field or even roadsides.

Kudzu Facts 4: an ornamental plant

The first appearance of Kudzu was in 1876 Philadelphia Centennial Exposition, United States. It was displayed as a decorative plant in the exposition. The purpose of this plant changed during the great depression era.  Kudzu was imported by USDA or United States Department of Agriculture to control the erosion.

Kudzu Image

Kudzu Image

Kudzu Facts 5: weed

It is a surprising fact to know that Kudzu was included as a weed by the USDA in 1972. It is due to the fact that Kudzu had a very rapid growth. In a season, the length of the plant is around 18.29 meter or 60 feet. However, this plant sports wonderful purple flowers in June and July. The leaves of Kudzu are left in the autumn season.

Kudzu Facts 6: Chinese medicine

The traditional Chinese medicine uses the Kudzu root.  The root is very long since it can reach the size of human being. The Chinese medicine history states that the root contains puerarin, isoflavone and isoflavone glycosides.

Kudzu Pic

Kudzu Pic

Kudzu Facts 7: isoflavone

The amount of isoflavone inside kudzu plant is determined based on the growing condition of the plant. In average, the plant contains 1.77 to 12.08 percent of isoflavone.

Kudzu Facts 8: Shen Nong’s herbal text

The usage of Kudzu in Chinese herbal medicine was traced on the herbal text of Shen Nong. The text was published around AD 100. Read ancient China facts here.

Kudzu Plant

Kudzu Plant

Kudzu Facts 9: benefits of kudzu

Kudzu has been used by the traditional herbal medicine to cure some diseases such as headaches, migraine, thirst, allergies, angina, hypertension, neck pain and many more.

Kudzu Facts 10: Cardiovascular disease

Kudzu is also helpful for the people who have cardiovascular disease. It can stabilize the blood flow and reduce the level of cholesterol in the body.

Kudzu Vines

Kudzu Vines

Beside the root, people can use the leaves of kudzu. Some countries pick the leaves for cooking. But pregnant and lactating women are not allowed to eat it. Are you satisfied with all explanations on facts about kudzu?

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