10 Interesting Plantae Kingdom Facts

Saturday, October 25th 2014. | Plants

Plantae Kingdom Facts will give the detail information about the members of this kingdom. Many people think that trees, vegetables and flowers are the only items that the kingdom has. Actually there are many other kinds of unique plants that you can learn from the kingdom. Check out the following post below for the detail facts:

Plantae Kingdom Facts 1: habitat

Plants can be found not only on the ground but also live in the water.  To make it grow well, the plants will need carbon dioxide, minerals, sun and water.  The sunlight gives the plants a lot of energy. The food can be produced by the plants through the photosynthetic process. It converts the sun energy into food.

Plantae Kingdom Facts 2: Mushrooms

Many people come in a wrong perception by thinking that a mushroom is a plant. Actually is a fungus. It is included in a Plantae kingdom.

Plantae Kingdom Facts

Plantae Kingdom Facts

Plantae Kingdom Facts 3: flowers

Flower is one of the important parts in a plant. They can reproduce the plant by having the flower. You can find pollen inside the flowers which can produce seeds and fruit. When you have the seed and bury it inside the ground, it can recreate a new plant.

Plantae Kingdom Facts 4: spreading of pollen

The plants do not have to spread the pollen themselves. The wind, butterflies and bees can do this job.

Plantae Kingdom Pic

Plantae Kingdom Pic

Plantae Kingdom Facts 5: carnivorous plants

The Plantae kingdom is very unique. You can learn the carnivorous plant which eats the insects, rats or even frogs.

Plantae Kingdom Facts 6: vegetable and fruit

Sometimes people are confused when they have to differentiate between fruit and vegetables.  But we can say that a vegetable is a culinary term, while fruit is a botanical term.

Plantae Kingdom Picture

Plantae Kingdom Picture

Plantae Kingdom Facts 7: type of fruit and vegetables

You can say that carrot, lettuce, spinach, and cauliflower are vegetable. On the other hand, apples, watermelon, pineapples and jackfruit as types of fruit. But some people often include cucumber, eggplants, green beans and tomatoes as vegetables and fruits.

Plantae Kingdom Facts 8: spices and herb

You can also include spice and herb as a part of Plantae kingdom. You can take the stem, berry, seed, root, bulb and bark of a plant as a spice. The leaf of plant is often used as an herb.

Plantae Kingdom

Plantae Kingdom

Plantae Kingdom Facts 9: recognizing the siblings

It is very hard to imagine that actually plants can recognize their siblings.  They will give more root space for the siblings. Check plant cell facts here.

Plantae Kingdom Facts 10: the island of Socotra

The island of Socotra located near Yemen has a lot of unique plants that you cannot find in other parts of earth.

Purple Flowers

Purple Flowers

Are you impressed with facts about Plantae kingdom?

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