10 Interesting London Eye Facts

Friday, June 20th 2014. | Places

If you want to know one of the interesting attractions in London, you need to read London Eye facts. Have you ever visited the massive Ferris wheel?   You just have to the reach the banks of river Thames to see the appearance of the giant Ferris wheel. It was built in 1999. Here are the facts about London eye for you:

London Eye Facts 1: the top of London

When you reach the top part of London Eye, you can view the things below in 25 miles away. Another top part in London that you can see is the Windsor Castle.

London Eye Facts 2: Construction

There are several architects designed the London Eye. Some of them include Julia Barfield, David Marks and Mark Sparrowhawk.  The construction completes in seven years.

London Eye at Night

London Eye at Night

London Eye Facts 3: visitors

London Eye is visited by 3.5 million people all over the world.  On every revolution, it can carry 800 people. Each revolution of the Ferris wheel can last for about 30 minutes. Check more attractions in the city by reading London facts.

London Eye Facts 4: capsules

The Ferris wheel is equipped with 30 capsules. Each capsule has the weight of 10 tones. It can accommodate 25 passengers. Many people are comfortable when they are on the capsule of London Eye because it is equipped with seats and air conditioner.  But the passengers can walk around the capsule.

London Eye Capsules

London Eye Capsules

London Eye Facts 5: the height

The height is London Eye is around 135 meter.  It is considered as one of the tallest buildings in the London.

London Eye Facts 6: Millennium Wheel

Millennium Wheel is the nickname of London Eye. Since its first introduction, it was called as Millennium Wheel.

London Eye London

London Eye London

London Eye Facts 7: the focal point

Many people consider the London Eye as the focal point of London. The wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton looks glamor and festive when London Eye was colored in Union Jack. In the New Year, you can enjoy a good focal point for a firework celebration.

London Eye Facts 8: the wheel

Can you estimate the weight of the wheel in London Eye? It has the height of 23 meter and the weight more than 300 tones.

London Eye Facts

London Eye Facts

London Eye Facts 9: The Great Wheel

The Great Wheel is the first big wheel located in London. In 1895, it was created in London for the Empire of the India Exhibition. After the Great Wheel was used by more than 2 million people, it was demolished.

London Eye Facts 10: Kate Moss

London Eye can attract not only the usual people, but also some celebrities. Do you know that Kate Moss has been on the Ferris wheel for 25 times?

London Eye

London Eye

The celebration on the first visit partnership was in December 2005 where London Eye was seen in pink color. Do you have any objection on facts about London Eye?

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