10 Interesting the Alps Facts

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If you want to know the most extensive mountain range system in Europe, you have to read The Alps Facts. It is considered as the highest range system in the continent. There are eight Alpine countries passed by the Alps. Those include Switzerland, Slovenia, Monaco, Liechtenstein, Italy, Germany, France and Austria.  The Alps stretches on 750 miles or 1,200 km. Here are some interesting facts about the Alps to note:

The Alps Facts 1: The other mountain ranges

If you compare the Alps with the Urals, the Alps are shorter.  If you compare the Alps with the Caucasus Mountains, the latter one is higher. However, both the Ulcers and Caucasus Mountains are located partly in Asia.

The Alps Facts 2: the formation

Let’s find out the formation of the Alps.   The collision between the African and Eurasian tectonic plates made the mountains form more than ten million years ago.

The Alpine Tundra Pic

The Alpine Tundra Pic

The Alps Facts 3: the high mountain peaks

The famous high mountain peaks in the Alps include the Matterhorn and Mont Blanc. The peaks were caused by the extreme shortening on the mountain ranges. This event led into the folding and thrusting.

The Alps Facts 4: the highest mountain

The highest mountain in the Alps is Mont Blanc. The height of this mountain is 15,781 feet or 4,810 meter. It is located at the border of Italy and France.

Facts about The Alps

Facts about The Alps

The Alps Facts 5: the nickname

The Alpine region is often nicknamed as four-thousanders because it features around 100 peaks which have the height over than 13,123 feet or 4,000 meter. Find facts about Sicily here.

The Alps Facts 6: the climate of Europe

The climate of Europe is affected by the size and altitude of the Alps. There are various zones which determine the climatic condition in the Alps. The level of the precipitation is also varied.

The Alps

The Alps

The Alps Facts 7: the flora and fauna

The higher peak of the Alps which reaches the elevation at 11,155 feet or 3,400 meter is occupied by the ibex. You can also spot the Edelweiss growing on the higher and lower elevation of the Alps. Get facts about Table Mountain here.

The Alps Facts 8: the human habitation

The Alps had been inhabited by human being since the Paleolithic era. In 1991, there was a mummified man founded on a glacier at the border of Italy and Austria. The experts believe that the age of the mummified man was 5,000 years old.

The Alps Pic

The Alps Pic

The Alps Facts 9: Adolf Hitler

The Nazi Germany had a base of operation located in the Bavarian Alps during the World War 2.

The Alps Facts 10: the cultural identity

When people talk about the Alps, they always associate it with various cultures such as woodworking, cheese making and farming.

The Alps facts

The Alps facts

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