10 Interesting Neil Armstrong Facts

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Read Neil Armstrong facts if you want to know more about the first person who walked on the moon. Becoming an astronaut is dream for some people. You can have valuable experience just like what Neil Armstrong had.  He can explore the moon for the first time. Here are more facts about him.

Neil Armstrong Facts 1: Full Name

Many people recognize this astronaut as Neil Armstrong. He was born with a full name for Neil Alden Armstrong in Ohio, US.

Neil Armstrong Facts 2: Flight

Neil Armstrong is always amazed with flight. When he only reached 16 years old, he could gain the pilot license. It is a proof that he fell in love with flight.

Neil Armstrong Facts

Neil Armstrong Facts

Neil Armstrong Facts 3: Job

You are wrong if you think that Neil Armstrong is only an astronaut. He also worked as aerospace engineer, naval aviator, test pilot and university professor.

Neil Armstrong Facts 4: Korean War

Neil Armstrong involved in a Korean War in 1949. At that time, he was included in a US navy. He got the responsibility for flying 80 combat missions.

Neil Armstrong on Moon

Neil Armstrong on Moon

Neil Armstrong Facts 5: Post Korean War Work

After the Korean War was over, he worked as a test pilot to join NACA. NACA now is called NASA. In 1962, he joined the astronaut program.

Neil Armstrong Facts 6: A Pilot Test

When he became a test pilot, he did many things for NASA. He tested the X-15 which was one of the main high speed space aircrafts in NASA with the maximum speed doff 4,000 per hour.

Neil Armstrong Pic

Neil Armstrong Pic

Neil Armstrong Facts 7: Gemini VIII

Gemini VIII was his first mission as a command pilot it in 1966.

Neil Armstrong Facts 8: Apollo 11 moon landing

In 1969, he got the position as the mission commander of Apollo 11 moon landing.  It was his second and last spaceflight. See moon facts here.

Neil Armstrong Pose

Neil Armstrong Pose

Neil Armstrong Facts 9: Landing On Moon

When talking about Moon landing we always link it with Neil Armstrong. He did many things such as conducting experiment, collecting samples of rocks and capturing pictures on moon. Find more about solar system facts here.

Neil Armstrong Facts 10: Quarantine

When they got back to earth, quarantine was waiting. He and 2 other astronauts have spent three weeks in quarantine for identification.

Neil Armstrong

Neil Armstrong

In 1971 he leaved NASA and became the professor of aerospace in University of Cincinnati for 8 years. In 1991, he got a mild heart attack when he played ski with his friends in Aspen. He died when he was 82 on 25 August 2012. Are you inspired with facts about Neil Armstrong?

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