10 Interesting Erik Erikson Facts

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Erik Erikson facts serve the readers the information about the prominent psychoanalyst and psychologist. This man was a German born American man who coined the famous phrase of identity crisis. Let me show you the facts about him below:

Erik Erikson Facts 1: life

Erik Erikson was born on June 15th, 1902. His full name was Erik Homburger Erikson. He passed away on May 12th, 1994. He was the prominent psychoanalyst and psychologist.  This man was famous with his theory on the psychological development of human.

Erik Erikson Facts 2: bachelor degree

Many people think that the people who cannot earn bachelor degree will not be a good professor.  This point of view is totally wrong because Erikson who never got any bachelor degree served as a professor in some high quality universities such as Yale and Harvard.

Erik Erikson Facts

Erik Erikson Facts

Erik Erikson Facts 3: early life

The early life of Erikson definitely was very complicated. His mother was Danish. Her name is Karla Abrahamsen. She was Jewish who lived in Copenhagen, Denmark. His father was Waldemar Isidor Salomonsen. Both Karla and Erik never saw him anymore.

Erik Erikson Facts 4: Theodor Homburger

Theodor Homburger was Erik’s stepfather. In 1905, his mother married to Theodor Homburger. He was a Jewish pediatrician. In 1911, Erik gained the last name Hombueger since he was officially adopted by Theodor Homburger.

Erik Erikson Image

Erik Erikson Image

Erik Erikson Facts 5: job

In his early life, he was a teacher of arts and a student. He was friend with the daughter of Sigmund Freud named Anna Freud when he taught in a private school in Vienna, Austria.

Erik Erikson Facts 6: education

It seems that Erik was very interested to study about psychoanalyst after he met Anna Freud. He decided to study the Montessori Method of education. This subject focused on the child development and sexual stages.

Erik Erikson Pic

Erik Erikson Pic

Erik Erikson Facts 7: Joan Serson Erikson

In 1930, Erik decided to get married with a Canadian born woman named Joan Serson Erikson.  Erik converted his belief into Christianity when he married Joan.

Erik Erikson Facts 8: child psychoanalyst

Because Nazi overpowered Germany, his family moved to Boston. In the city, he was the first child psychoanalyst. His reputation was as a clinician when he held some prominent positions in at Harvard Medical School and Psychological Clinic and Massachusetts General Hospital.

Erik Erikson

Erik Erikson

Erik Erikson Facts 9: Childhood and Society

Childhood and Society is one of his most prominent books. Other books are The Life Cycle Completed (with J.M. Erikson, 1987), Vital Involvement in Old Age (with J.M. Erikson and H. Kivnick, 1986), and Young Man Luther. A Study in Psychoanalysis and History (1958).

Erik Erikson Facts 10: son

Erik has a son. His name is   Kai T. Erikson. He is very famous as an American sociologist.



When Erik was requested by the official in the University of California to sign the loyalty oath, he decided to move. He spent his next ten years to teach in Austen Riggs Center. Do you have any question on facts about Erik Erikson?

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