10 Interesting Monarch Butterfly Facts

Tuesday, August 5th 2014. | Animals

Monarch Butterfly Facts elaborate the beautiful butterfly in orange color. The orange color is very bright and stunning. But actually it indicates that the butterfly probably is toxic. Therefore, the predators will stay away from the monarch butterfly. Let’s find out the detail facts about monarch butterfly below:

Monarch Butterfly Facts 1: height

Monarch butterflies can fly in the height of 11,000 feet. This animal is also fast. It can flap the wing 120 times in one minute. The speed of the monarch butterfly can reach 4 to 12 miles per hour.

Monarch Butterfly Facts 2: traveling

In just one day, monarch butterfly can travel in 265 miles. During the migration, this animal can fly in 3,100 miles. Some people spotted the butterfly in Waterford Pennsylvania.  In the next day, they were in Virginia.

Monarch butterfly Beauty

Monarch butterfly Beauty

Monarch Butterfly Facts 3: migration to Mexico

It is not easy to define the exact number of monarch butterfly migration to Mexico.  One thing for sure the number was decreased compared to the last year migration. Check Mexico facts here.

Monarch Butterfly Facts 4: Florida Monarch

One of the interesting types of monarch butterfly is the Florida monarch. If you think that all of them are migrated to Mexico, you are wrong. They do not migrate there like the common monarch butterflies.

Monarch butterfly Facts

Monarch butterfly Facts

Monarch Butterfly Facts 5: habitat of monarch butterfly

Monarch butterfly can be found not only in United States, but also in Tahiti, some parts of Europe, Australia, Canada, and Caribbean islands.

Monarch Butterfly Facts 6: raining day

The monarch butterfly will hang on tree branches or find a shelter when the rainy days come.  The drops of rain will never affect their wings.

Monarch butterfly Life Cycle

Monarch butterfly Life Cycle

Monarch Butterfly Facts 7: size

Can you tell me the size of monarch butterfly?  It has the length around 10 cm. But you can find the bigger or smaller ones.

Monarch Butterfly Facts 8: the female and male monarch butterfly

To distinguish the female and male monarch butterfly, you have to look at that black spot. The female has the thickened black veiling at the bottom of the wing. The male has it at the top.

Monarch butterfly Pics

Monarch butterfly Pics

Monarch Butterfly Facts 9: life span

Monarch butterfly does not live a long life. It only survives as an adult for 2 until 6 weeks.

Monarch Butterfly Facts 10: Monarch caterpillars

When a monarch is in the caterpillar form, it will eat milkweed plants.

Monarch butterfly

Monarch butterfly

The monarch butterfly is famous around the world because of the mass migration in the winter season from California to Mexico. They want to avoid the cold season by migrating into the warm area. Are you fascinated with facts about monarch butterfly?

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