10 Interesting Joseph Priestley Facts

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Joseph Priestley facts explain the man who represents different types of disciplines.  He was referred as a man of science, politics and faith. He covered the expense for his researches from the salary as a teacher and a minister.  Find out the complete facts about Joseph Priestley by reading the post below:

Joseph Priestley Facts 1: photosynthesis

If you study science, the teacher will always explain about the photosynthetic. Actually the one who found out that plants can produce oxygen and consume carbon dioxide is Priestley.

Joseph Priestley Facts 2: publication

During his life, Priestley had published 150 works. There is no need to wonder that he was well-known as an educator, chemist, natural philosopher, dissenting clergyman, theologian and politician theorist. Find out another scientist in Johannes Kepler facts.

Joseph Priestley facts

Joseph Priestley facts

Joseph Priestley Facts 3: invention of soda water

The invention of soda water is discovered by Joseph Priestley. His scientific life makes people amazed since he could discover many things such as gases.

Joseph Priestley Facts 4: pedagogy

As I having stated before, Joseph Priestly was a good teacher. He contributed a lot of things in the pedagogy field.  He created books of history, seminal work of English grammar and many other publications.

Joseph Priestley Image

Joseph Priestley Image

Joseph Priestley Facts 5: place of birth

Joseph Priestley was born in Birstall. It is a small area located near Batley in the West Riding of Yorkshire.

Joseph Priestley Facts 6: family life

Priestley came from an English dissenting family.  His parents worked as a finisher of cloth. His father was Jonas Priestley. His mother was Mary Swift. He was the eldest child in the family.

Joseph Priestley Pic

Joseph Priestley Pic

Joseph Priestley Facts 7: grandfather

Since his parents had 6 children, his mother was confused to take care all children. So Priestley had to live with his grandpa when he was only a year old. When his mother passed away, he went back to home at the age of 5.

Joseph Priestley Facts 8: marriage of his father

In 1741, his father remarried again. So he was sent to live with his uncle and aunt who did not have any child in the family. They were Sarah and John Keighley.

Joseph Priestley Scientist

Joseph Priestley Scientist

Joseph Priestley Facts 9: education

As a kid, Priestley was very smart. He impressed his aunt who made him get the best education. He went to the local school and studied a lot of things such as Latin, Greek and Hebrew.

Joseph Priestley Facts 10: books

If you want to know the works of Joseph Priestley, you can reach his books such as Essay on a Course of Liberal Education for Civil and Active Life (1765), Letters to a Philosophical Unbeliever (1780), The Doctrine of Philosophical Necessity Illustrated (1777), and many more.

Joseph Priestley

Joseph Priestley

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