10 Interesting Millard Fillmore Facts

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Millard Fillmore Facts present the information about the former US president. He became the president after the death of Zachary Taylor in 1950s.  Actually he did not run for the presidency. He was just replacing the position of Taylor. Let’s talk about Fillmore’s early life and presidency by reading the following post below:

Millard Fillmore Facts 1: date of birth

Fillmore was born on 7 January 1800 in Moravia, Cayuga County, New York. Check New York Facts here.

Millard Fillmore Facts 2: family life

There were nine children in the family. Fillmore was born in a log cabin.  His parents were Phoebe Millard and Nathaniel Fillmore. They were so hard working.

Millard Fillmore Facts

Millard Fillmore Facts

Millard Fillmore Facts 3: education

Since Fillmore lived on the frontier, it was not easy for him to get access to great education. Before he attended at New Hope Academy to study law, he was an apprentice.

Millard Fillmore Facts 4: presidency

Fillmore was the president of United States after the death of the former president Zachary Taylor.  He did not follow any election in 1850s. Therefore, he never experienced any inaugural address.

Millard Fillmore Home

Millard Fillmore Home

Millard Fillmore Facts 5: president of US

Fillmore became the 13th president of United State.  He was on the presidency seat for three years in 1850- 1853. At that time, Fillmore was 50 years old.

Millard Fillmore Facts 6: Compromise of 1850

One of the most famous decisions of Fillmore was recognized as Compromise of 1850.  This decision allowed slavery in the South. However, the law that he made was not successful after the South and North were not agreed.

Millard Fillmore Image

Millard Fillmore Image

Millard Fillmore Facts 7: dressing style

Let’s talk about the dressing style of Fillmore.  He liked to dress flawlessly. He chose a fine cut dark suit when he was in the office.

Millard Fillmore Facts 8: William Henry Harrison

William Henry Harrison and Millard Fillmore had a similarity. Both would double letters with the first and last names.

Millard Fillmore Pic

Millard Fillmore Pic

Millard Fillmore Facts 9: California

California became the state in US during the reign of Fillmore as a president in 1850.

Millard Fillmore Facts 10: name

The name Millard actually was taken from the maiden name of his mother. It was a usual Christian’s name.

Millard Fillmore

Millard Fillmore

On 5 February 1826, Fillmore wedded Abigail Powers. Abigail was his teacher when both met at New Hope Academy. Do you know that the first running water bathtub was installed in the white house by his wife. Do you want to give opinion on facts about Millard Fillmore?

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