10 Interesting Greg Heffley Facts

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Greg Heffley facts are very useful for people who love to read novel. This character becomes famous because of the way it inspires many people towards the way it helps them understanding the novel better. Well, the facts below can be your basic information.

Greg Heffley Facts 1: who is Greg Heffley?

Not many people recognize about Greg Heffley. In fact, Gregory “Greg” Heffley is the main protagonist within the book series of realistic fiction entitled Diary of a Wimpy Kid. The book was created by American cartoonist named Jeff Kinney.

Greg Heffley Facts 2: Rowley Jefferson

Within the book, Rowley Jefferson had a best friend named Rowley Jefferson. It is the mediocre friendship. Rowley is always tricked by Greg. It is a fact that Greg views Rowley as the infantile, childish, and also dimwitted boy.

Greg Heffley facts

Greg Heffley facts

Greg Heffley Facts 3: Manny Heffley

Manny is younger brother of Greg. He always gets what he really wants. This makes Greg suffering from jealousy. Manny is very innocent and had gained many attentions by the adults. Yet, his true colors are spiteful, selfish, and also manipulative.

Greg Heffley Facts 4: Holly Hills

Greg had a crush named Holly Hills. This character was introduced in The Last Straw. In gaining attention of her, he often conducts random humor and also jokes. Yet, it shows disappointing result because she didn’t attracted at all.

Greg Heffley Image

Greg Heffley Image

Greg Heffley Facts 5: allusions from other works

This character also appears on Poptropica’s 18th island. You can also find this character in Wimpy Wonderland, and other works.

Greg Heffley Facts 6: films

There was a film in 2010 having the genre of comedy film. It was directed by Thor Freudenthal.  It was based on Jeff Kinney’s book having the same name. The film was released on March 19, 2010.

Greg Heffley Look

Greg Heffley Look

Greg Heffley Facts 7: book vs. film

It is true that the character was highly received within the books. Yet, you may recognize that the reception was not the same within the film. There were many people who don’t like the film indeed. There were other films such as Dog Days and Rodrick Rules.

Greg Heffley Facts 8:  main character

It is true that Greg is the major character of the book. People recognized him to be very selfish. What he does only to get benefits to himself. He often gains bully from other of his brother. Therefore they didn’t get along well with each other.

Greg Heffley Pic

Greg Heffley Pic

Greg Heffley Facts 9: parents

Greg had weird parents. They often make Greg embarrassed. Greg also often suffers from difficult situations within his life. He often gains worst luck. Yet, he can handle the problems by himself.

Greg Heffley Facts 10: video games

This character really doesn’t like outdoor activities especially sport.  He prefers to do video games instead of sport. Although his father often encourages him to participate to sports, he refuses to do so.

Greg Heffley Video Game

Greg Heffley Video Game

The facts about Greg Heffley can be your best effort in how to be able to get information about famous sculptor. There are people who become more attentive about it indeed. The way to enrich the information is by taking benefit from articles or internet out there actually.

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