10 Interesting Ned Kelly Facts

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Ned Kelly Facts present the detail information about the famous Australian Bushranger. He was also famous as a bank robber. People always remember him as a robin hood from Australia. He remains the iconic Australian outlaw. Here are facts about Ned Kelly for you:

Ned Kelly Facts 1: date or birth

There is no detail account about the date of birth of Ned Kelly. But it estimated that he was born in 19th century.  Talking about his personality, people were separated in two mainstreams. The first ones think that he was a criminal and a killer. On the other hand, some people call him as a folk hero.

Ned Kelly Facts 2: descent

Ned Kelly was a descendant of Irishman. His father was John Kelly. Many people call him Red. He was born in Tipperary. In 1841, his father, John was transported to Australia. The report stated that he stole two pigs.

Ned Kelly Facts

Ned Kelly Facts

Ned Kelly Facts 3: name

He was born with the name Edward Kelly. Later people called him Ned Kelly.  Many people believed that he was born in June 1854 or 1855 in Beveridge, Victoria, Australia.

Ned Kelly Facts 4: a young boy

Ned was well known with his bravery since he was a young boy. He saved a boy from drowning when he was so young. He got green sash for his bravery. He wore it since his final battle.

Ned Kelly History

Ned Kelly History

Ned Kelly Facts 5: breaking the law

The first time Ned Kelly broke the law when he was 14 years old in 1869. Ah Fook was a Chinese worker that he beat and robbed. However, there was not exact detail about the cause of the incident.

Ned Kelly Facts 6: a gun battle with the policeman

Ned Kelly and his partners involved with a gun battle with some policemen. He shot three officers.

Ned Kelly Movie

Ned Kelly Movie

Ned Kelly Facts 7: homemade armour

Ned Kelly and his gang were famous with the homemade armour. They used metal taken from the agricultural equipment to make the crude plate armour. It was used to protect the body from the bullets.

Ned Kelly Facts 8: Jerilderie Letter

If we talk about Ned Kelly, we should talk about 8000-word Jerilderie Letter. He dictated the letter to make people understand the reason of being an outlaw. He also stated the way the Irish catholic people victimized by the law in the Jerilderie letter.

Ned Kelly Pictures

Ned Kelly Pictures

Ned Kelly Facts 9: like a ghost

Ned Kelly looked like a ghost after he used armor. The final shot for his gang took place at the Glenrowan Hotel, Australia. Check Australian facts here.

Ned Kelly Facts10: arrest

All members of his gang were shot down. But Kelly was captured and arrested.

Ned Kelly

Ned Kelly

The adventure of Ned Kelly was over when he was hanged on 11th November 1880. Are you interested reading facts about Ned Kelly?

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