10 Interesting Robin Hood Facts

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Robin Hood Facts tell you about the famous English folklore. He was considered a hero for the poor people. This heroic outlaw was depicted as a wonderful swordsman and a skilled archer based on the legend. If you check out the traditional folklore, he was always described with his Lincoln green outfit. Let’s find out more facts about Robin Hood by reading the following post below:

Robin Hood Facts 1: the character

Until this present day, the character of Robin Hood is still embedded on the heart of the people. People portray him as a hero for the poor. He robbed the rich and gave the money for the poor with his Merry Men band.

Robin Hood Facts 2: the popularity

The popularity of Robin Hood has been increased at the end of medieval period. Then you can see Robin Hood as the famous character in various books, TV, films and other kinds of literature.

Robin Hood Facts

Robin Hood Facts

Robin Hood Facts 3: the place of living

The legend stated that Robin Hood lived in Sherwood Forest. It was located near Nottingham.  The main enemy of Robin Hood was the sheriff of Nottingham.

Robin Hood Facts 4: the Merry Men

He had a band called the Merry Men. The members of his band were Will Scarlet, Little John and Friar Tuck. Robin always dressed in green color.

Robin Hood Image

Robin Hood Image

Robin Hood Facts 5: the assumption of the real Robin Hood

People can only assume whether Robin Hood is based on the real person or not. But some people believed that Robin Hood is Robin of Loxley. He is a Yorksireman.

Robin Hood Facts 6: the hidden place

When Robin Hood wanted to hide from his enemies, he did it in Major Oak Tree. It is located in Sherwood Forest.  The tree was around 1,000 years. It had the height around 30 meters. Get facts about oak tree here.

Robin Hood in Green

Robin Hood in Green

Robin Hood Facts 7: the famous role

Robin Hood is legend. There is no need to wonder that there are more than a hundred films and books created based on his legend. The famous actors who have the role as Robin Hood are Sean Connery, Kevin Costner and Errol Flynn.

Robin Hood Facts 8: the legend

The legend states that Robin Hood lived around 11th or 12th century. He was depicted as a knight or a yeoman in a reference of a song made in 14th century.

Robin Hood Movie

Robin Hood Movie

Robin Hood Facts 9: May Day celebrations

A May Day celebration in England is always linked with Robin Hood.

Robin Hood Facts 10: Maid Marian

People believe that Hood met Maid Marian during the May Day celebration.

Robin Pic

Robin Pic

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