10 Interesting Max Ernst Facts

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Max Ernst Facts inform you with the famous poet, sculptor, painter and graphic artist from Germany. He was called as one of the prominent artists in surrealism and Dada movement. If you are interested to know about his works, personal life and early life, look at the post below:

Max Ernst Facts 1: life span

Max Ernst was born on April 2, 1819 in Germany. He passed away on April 1, 1976.  His interest to make painting was not occurred during his childhood even though his father loved to paint as his hobby.

Max Ernst Facts 2: interest

Max’s interest to art and painting was in 1910. He started to produce painting.  Before he had interest to paint, he studied philosophy and psychology in 1909.

Max Ernst Facts

Max Ernst Facts

Max Ernst Facts 3: World War I

His interest to create more paintings had to stop when he served in World War I. Actually he did not like it for his passion was to paint.  But in 1916, he could display his works in Berlin Germany.

Max Ernst Facts 4: Dada movement

Dada movement affected his works much. When the war was over, he became the acquaintance of some Dada artists. He began to create the works based on Dada movement. You can see the influence of Dada movement in Fruit of a Long Experience.

Max Ernst Painter

Max Ernst Painter

Max Ernst Facts 5: moving to Paris

Max decided to move to Paris because he wanted to get closer with the Dada artists in 1922.  But he transferred his work into surrealism just like the other Dada artists.

Max Ernst Facts 6: the bird

In some of Max’s surrealist works, you can find the bird. It was used as a symbol of himself.  He called the bird Loplop. Max did not follow many of his acquaintances who painted himself.

Max Ernst Painting

Max Ernst Painting

Max Ernst Facts 7: World War II

It seems that World War II was the most difficult time for Ernst. He was captured twice. The first time he was captured, he could be free. In the second time, he escaped with a help of his lover and art collector, Peggy Guggenheim. Ernst came to United State safely. Both married but it had to be ended.

Max Ernst Facts 8: Abstract Expressionism

When Max was living in New York, he began to use Abstract Expressionism in his art. Another famous member of this movement was Jackson Pollock. Check Jackson Pollock facts here.

Max Ernst Pic

Max Ernst Pic

Max Ernst Facts 9: moving back to France

Max liked to live in France. After the war was over, he moved back to France in 1953. In 1976, he passed away in France too.

Max Ernst Facts 10: early works

Some early of works of Max Ernst include Aquis Submersus (1919), The Hat Makes the Man (1920), and Oedipus Rex (1922).

Max Ernst

Max Ernst

When he was in America, he created Totem and Taboo (1941), Surrealism and Painting (1942), The Eye of Silence (1944), Colorado of Medusa, Color-Raft of Medusa (1953) and many more. Please comment on facts about Max Ernst!

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