10 Interesting Mae Jemison Facts

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Mae Jemison facts elaborate the interesting facts about the first African American woman who travelled on space. She was famous as a NASA astronaut and American physician. Find out more facts about her by reading the following post:

Mae Jemison Facts 1: date of birth

Mae was born with the full of Mae Carol Jemison on 17th October 1956.  On 12 September 1992, she went on space with Space Shuttle Endeavour.

Mae Jemison Facts 2: Peace Corps

Mae was included as a member in the Peace Corps from 1985 to 1987. It was the time after she finished her medical education and opened her general practice. It was surprising for she was chosen as an astronaut for NASA.

Mae Jemison Facts

Mae Jemison Facts

Mae Jemison Facts 3: resign

In 1993, she decided to resign from NASA as an astronaut. After her retirement, she made a company which focused on researches of technology application for daily life.

Mae Jemison Facts 4: skill

Mae Jemison was a multi-talented person. She earned nine honorary doctorates for humanities, letters, engineering and sciences. She is also a great dancer.

Mae Jemison NASA

Mae Jemison NASA

Mae Jemison Facts 5: TV shows

It is a surprising fact to know that Mae also took part in some TV series. You can see her acting skill in an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Mae Jemison Facts 6: parents

She was the youngest child of Dorothy Green and Charlie Jemison. Her father worked as a maintenance supervisor for a charity organization. Her mother worked as English and mathematics teacher for the elementary school.

Mae Jemison Pic

Mae Jemison Pic

Mae Jemison Facts 7: ethnics

All of us know that she was an African American woman. But actually she was a mix of Sierra Leone, Senegal, Ghana, Nigeria and Cameroon ethnics.

Mae Jemison Facts 8: moving to Chicago

Her family decided to move to Chicago, Illinois to give the better education for the kids. At that time, Jamison was only 3 years old.

Mae Jemison Travel Space

Mae Jemison Travel Space

Mae Jemison Facts 9: science and nature

She developed the interest to study nature and science when she was in childhood time. She said to her teacher that someday she wanted to be a nurse. Find out another female astronaut in Kalpana Chawla facts.

Mae Jemison Facts 10: dancing

One of her wonderful skill is dancing. Mae learned dancing when she was 11 years old. She liked Japanese dancing, Africa, ballet, modern and jazz dancing.

Mae Jemison

Mae Jemison

Talking about her education, she received a BS in chemical engineering from Stanford in 1977. Do you want to ask questions on facts about Mae Jemison?

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