10 Interesting George W. Bush Facts

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George W. Bush facts below give you the beneficial information about the 43rd American president. This man led US in unique ways. There are a lot of important events occurred when he became a US president. If you are interested to know more about it, read the following facts:

George W. Bush Facts 1: Date of Birth

George W. Bush was born on 6th July in 1946 in Newhaven Connecticut.

George W. Bush Facts 2: Approval Rating

The approval rating of George W. Bush is up and down.  The rating is always determined by the ways he handles the problem in the country. He got the lowest approval rating when he could not handle the economic recession in 2008 and also the effect of Hurricane Katrina.  He got the highest rating when he handled the September 11, 2001 tragedy very well. Read George Washington facts to know the approval rating in the past.

George W. Bush and Iraq

George W. Bush and Iraq

George W. Bush Facts 3: Cheerleader

Not many people know that when he was in senior high school Bush was the head of the cheerleader team.

George W. Bush Facts 4: Marriage

Bush found his love Laura Welch. Both married on 5 November 1977.  Get info about US presidents by reading Abraham Lincoln facts.

George W. Bush Facts

George W. Bush Facts

George W. Bush Facts 5: Addiction to Alcohol

Alcohol is the main addiction faced by most American people. Our president faced the addiction too in the past. After Bush met his love, Laura, he began to avoid ranking too much alcohol. In 1986, this man can successfully quit consuming alcohol. This story also reminds us with what happened to Barack Obama in the past.

George W. Bush Facts 6: DUI

DUI or driving under influence of alcohol makes you get arrested in US. This condition is not only happened to our famous celebrities like Lindsay Lohan but also to our president. When he was 30 years old, he caught to drive under influence of alcohol. His driving license was suspended for 2 years and he had to pay the fine $150.

George W. Bush in a Hat

George W. Bush in a Hat

George W. Bush Facts 7: Tax Cut

Bush made a controversial plan to cut the tax paid by the American people. He thinks that the surplus of America is the people’s money not the government’s money. This plan was objected by the US treasury.

George W. Bush Facts 8: Global Warming

It seems that Bush really cares about the effect of global warming. He always questions if the causes of the global warming is because of the nature, human activities, and climate on the earth.

George W. Bush Speech

George W. Bush Speech

George W. Bush Facts 9: Stem-Cell Research

During his presidency, He always gave the best support for stem-cell research. However, he did not support the stem-cell research for embryonic system. He wanted the legislation to give fund for the stem cell research.

George W. Bush Facts 10: Vladimir Arutyunian

There were some presidents in the history assassinated. It seems that Bush was lucky because a man named Vladimir Arutyunian threw a grenade at home. Thanks’ god; the grenade did not explode.

George W. Bush

George W. Bush

Some people hate Bush, while others admire his policy. Everything has their opinion because American is a free country. What do you think on facts about George W Bush?

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