10 Interesting Mauna Loa Facts

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Mauna Loa Facts present the interesting place in the world located in the west of Hawaii. It is called as the largest active volcano in the world. If you visit the Jaggar Museum in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, you can find the pictures of Mauna Loa which erupted on 25 March 1984. Find out more facts on Mauna Loa below:

Mauna Loa Facts 1: height

Let’s find out the height of Mauna Loa. It comes 3,100 feet below the sea elevation.  It has the height of 13,697 feet above the sea elevation.

Mauna Loa Facts 2: name

Mauna Loa is derived from the Hawaiian language. It means Long Mountain.

Mauna Loa Eruption

Mauna Loa Eruption

Mauna Loa Facts 3: size

Mauna Loa is very big. If you compare it with Mount Rainier, it is 500 times greater. Mount Rainier is the charming volcano located in Washington State.

Mauna Loa Facts 4: Hawaii Island volcanoes

Hawaii Island volcanoes are very famous in the world. Mauna Loa is included as one of the five volcanoes in Hawaii. Other volcanoes include Hualalai, Mauna Kea, Kilauea and Kohala. Check Kilauea facts here.

Mauna Loa Facts

Mauna Loa Facts

Mauna Loa Facts 5: coverage area

Let’s talk about the coverage of Mauna Loa in Hawaii. It occupies more than a half area on the Hawaiian island.

Mauna Loa Facts 6: residing

Because of Mauna Loa’s big size, it affects the Pacific plate. It made the plate resided under the weight of Mauna Loa.

Mauna Loa Hawaii

Mauna Loa Hawaii

Mauna Loa Facts 7: Mokuaweoweo

Mokuaweoweo is a caldera created in Mauna Loa for the mountain is still in its shield stage. The caldera is situated at the summit of .7-by-1.9 miles.  Compared to Kilauea’s caldera, it is completely bigger. You can also find two rift zones located on the southwest and northeast area.

Mauna Loa Facts 8: eruption

The eruption of Mauna Loa is also bigger if you compare it with Kilauea. Mauna Loa erupts 12 million cubic meters of lava per day, while Kilauea erupts 0.2 to 0.5 million cubic meters per day.

Mauna Loa Pic

Mauna Loa Pic

Mauna Loa Facts 9: The oldest rocks

The oldest rocks in Mauna Loa can be traced back around 100,000 years ago. The lava which covers the surface of Mauna Loa has been dated back less than 10,000 years ago.

Mauna Loa Facts 10: Eruptions

Since 1843, the volcano has erupted for than 33 times.

Mauna Loa

Mauna Loa

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