10 Interesting Petra Jordan Facts

Thursday, October 9th 2014. | Places

Petra Jordan Facts elaborate the information about one of the important places in southern Jordanian governorate of Ma’a.  Petra is very famous as the archaeological and historical city. People will come here and enjoy the unique building and architecture. The stone cut on the architecture will impress you if you set it directly. Here are some interesting facts about Petra:

Petra Jordan Facts 1: rose city

Petra is always called as a rose city by many people in the world. The name is derived from the beautiful architecture that you can see on the building.

Petra Jordan Facts 2: The Treasury

The Treasury is the most popular building in Petra. People are very impressed when seeing the Treasury. Do you know that the age of the Treasury probably is 2,000 years old?

Petra Jordan Facts

Petra Jordan Facts

Petra Jordan Facts 3: the damage of the building

The salt from the Dead Sea which is blown to the site of Petra architecture make the structure of the building weak.  You can find out some crystals of salt on the columns of the building.

Petra Jordan Facts 4: carvings

If you look at the carvings on the Treasury’s wall, you can find out that many of them are damaged. It is due to the fact that the Bedouin of the Arabian Desert used the carving as the target in the shooting practice.

Petra Jordan History

Petra Jordan History

Petra Jordan Facts 5: carved tombs

If you visit Petra, you can also view more than 800 carved tombs inside the city.

Petra Jordan Facts 6: the important Christian center

Petra was called as the significant Christian center. It was created in 5th to 6thAD during the Byzantine reign.

Petra Jordan Pic

Petra Jordan Pic

Petra Jordan Facts 7: the attraction

Let’s find out the attraction that people can enjoy when they visit Petra. You can view 800 individual monuments. They include arched gateways, funerary halls, tombs, temples, colonnaded streets and baths.

Petra Jordan Facts 8: the oldest metropolis city

Do you know that Petra Jordan is called as one of the oldest metropolis cities in the world? It was established in 312 BC.

Petra Jordan Visitors

Petra Jordan Visitors

Petra Jordan Facts 9: the primary male deity

Another popular attraction in Petra is the primary male deity. It is the sandstone bush of Dushara. It has the weight of 2,100 pounds. People like to visit this monument.

Petra Jordan Facts 10: King Aretas

There is one important event occurred in Petra in the past. Biblical Apostle Paul was arrested by King Aretas in Petra because he decided to convert his religion into Christianity. Check facts about Christianity here.

Petra Jordan

Petra Jordan

If you like to study about Middle East, you have to come to Petra Jordan. Many people think that this hidden place is a rival of Jerusalem. Are you fascinated reading facts about Petra Jordan?

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