10 Interesting Margaret Thatcher Facts

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Margaret Thatcher Facts present the information about the first female prime minister in Britain. She grabbed the position in 1979. She was considered as a wonderful leader. She earned this important position in the office for 11 years. Let’s find out the detail about Thatcher by reading the following post below:

Margaret Thatcher Facts 1: leader

Margaret teacher held the office as a prime minster for Britain for 11 years. She had strong will to lead the country.  She was chosen as the leader of conservative party. Find out Great Britain facts here.

Margaret Thatcher Facts 2: date of birth

Margaret was born on 13th Friday. Many people think that the date is not good for 13 are always associated with bad luck. It seems that it is not true since Margaret had good career in her life.

Margaret Thatcher British

Margaret Thatcher British

Margaret Thatcher Facts 3: Chemistry

Chemistry is a major that she took when she was in the university. When she graduated from the universe, she worked as a research chemist. She was involved with a research team who invented soft scoop ice cream.

Margaret Thatcher Facts 4: barrister

Even though she had a major in chemistry, she decided to leave this subject.   Then she worked as a barrister. She never thought that she will be a female prime minister in Britain.

Margaret Thatcher Facts

Margaret Thatcher Facts

Margaret Thatcher Facts 5: ‘Iron Lady’

The famous nickname of Margaret Thatcher is the iron lady. She got it from the Soviets. Margaret was against communism. Therefore, the soviets called her the iron lady.

Margaret Thatcher Facts 6: Thatcher the milk snatcher

She had a funny nickname too. People called her Thatcher the milk snatcher after she eliminated free milk at schools.

Margaret Thatcher PM

Margaret Thatcher PM

Margaret Thatcher Facts 7: unusual diet

The rumor stated that Margaret had an unusual diet two weeks before she was the prime minister in Britain. A diet plan was found in a note of her diary. In a week, she had to eat 28 eggs to get rid of 20 lbs.

Margaret Thatcher Facts 8: a diet plan

During the dinner time, she ate a single malt, cucumber, tomatoes, lean steak, coffee and olive.   The spinach, two eggs, coffee, single malt, and tomatoes were served for her lunch.  During the breakfast, she ate two eggs, grapefruit, and black coffee.

Margaret Thatcher Young

Margaret Thatcher Young

Margaret Thatcher Facts 9: cooking

Even though she became a prime minister, she still enjoyed cooking for his hubby, Dennis.

Margaret Thatcher Facts 10: sleeping time

Margaret stated that she only slept four hours at night.

Margaret Thatcher

Margaret Thatcher

One of the prime minister’s favorite songs was Telstar by The Tornados. Are you wondered with facts about Margaret Thatcher?

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