10 Interesting BB King Facts

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BB King Facts give you the interesting journey of the life of Riley King aka BB King. This man had so many stories to tell when you saw him backstage. He is considered as a king of blues. Many musicians adore and respect him due to his wonderful music. Here are the interesting facts about BB King.

BB King Facts 1: a pilot

Not many people realize that this king Blues is eager to fly. In 1963, he was enrolled at Lansing Municipal airport because he wanted to fly a plane. There is no need to wonder if he got a licensed private pilot.

BB King Facts 2: awards

BB King is one of the wonderful musicians all of the time.  During his career, he earns 15 Grammy awards. He is also included in the Grammy Hall of Fame.  Moreover, he gets a lifetime achievement award due to his contribution in the blues music.

BB King facts

BB King facts

BB King Facts 3: Presidential Medal of Freedom Award

It was such an honor for BB King for the former president George W Bush gave him a presidential medal of freedom in 2006.

BB King Facts 4: diabetes

When people get old, they are prone to disease. BB King is just like other people who have to fight with diabetes. Check diabetes facts here.

BB King Guitar

BB King Guitar

BB King Facts 5: albums

There are at least 50 albums that BB King had released since his first career as a musician in 1949. When he was 83 years old, he released his high grossing solo album with the title One Kind Favor.

BB King Facts 6: Lucille

Lucille is one of the favorite songs from BB King. The title of the song is derived room the name of his favorite Guitar. His guitar inspired Gibson Guitar Corporation to launch a Gibson Lucille Model in 1980.

BB King Musician

BB King Musician

BB King Facts 7: Frank Sinatra

Do you know that BB King likes Frank Sinatra a lot? He picks him as his favorite singer.

BB King Facts 8:The Thrill Is Gone

The Thrill Is Gone was a song that made BB King earn a Grammy award in 1970. This song was originally created by singer Roy Hawkins.

BB King Pic

BB King Pic

BB King Facts 9: he Beale Street Blues Boy

The Beale Street Blues Boy was his nickname after he became a disc jockey in Memphis. He got a job after he came back from World War II.

BB King Facts 10: Rock n Roll Hall of Fame

You can see the name BB King on Rock n Roll Hall of Fame. In 1987, his name was inducted there.

BB King

BB King

Talking about his personal life, he married Martha Lee Denton in 1942 to 1950.The marriage ended in divorce. Then he married Sue Carol Hall in 1958 to 1966. Do you have any opinion on facts about BB King?

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