10 Interesting Jean Vanier Facts

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Jean Vanier facts will be the topic of discussion here.  This man is a great philosopher. People knew him as the L’Arche founder. If you are curious about the journey of his life, let’s see the following post below:

Jean Vanier Facts 1: who is he?

Jean Vanier was born on September 10, 1928. He was actually the Canadian Catholic philosopher who had turned humanitarian and also theologian. This will be your basic fact indeed to learn about. This actually becomes your basic fact.

Jean Vanier Facts 2: L’Arche

It was in the beginning of community in France when he became the founder of L’Arche. It was the international federation of communities for any people having developmental disabilities.

Jean Vanier facts

Jean Vanier facts

Jean Vanier Facts 3: Legion of Honour

There are many honors which he received including Legion of Honor. It was the Legion of Honour in 2003 and the award of Pacern in Terris Peace and Freedom.

Jean Vanier Facts 4: family

Jean Vanier actually was the son of Major General Georges Vanier. He became the 19th Governor General of Canada. His mother’s name was Pauline Vanier.

Jean Vanier facts

Jean Vanier facts

Jean Vanier Facts 5: youth

He was recognized to be born in Geneva. It was when his father was on the diplomatic service within Switzerland. In his youth, he received broad education within English and French firstly in Canada.

Jean Vanier Facts 6: moved to Paris

It was during the World War II when Vanier and his family moving to Paris. It was before the Nazi occupation. He spent much of the War at an English naval academy in order to prepare certain career as naval officer.

Jean Vanier Pic

Jean Vanier Pic

Jean Vanier Facts 7: Paris

It was in early 1945 when Jean Vanier visited Paris. There the father became the Canadian Ambassador. He also his mother went in assisting any survivors of concentration camps.

Jean Vanier Facts 8:  Royal Navy

It was within the World War II when he served with the Royal Navy. He later conducted serving with the Royal Canadian Navy.

Jean Vanier Style

Jean Vanier Style

Jean Vanier Facts 9: HMS Vanguard

It was in 1947 when Jean Vanier accompanied the Royal family in order to do touring of South Africa. It was aboard the HMS Vanguard.

Jean Vanier Facts 10: Faith and Light

In the year 1968, Jean Vanier gave first and sharing through retreat worldwide movement. Later in the year 1971 he co-founded Faith and Light along with Marie Helene Mathieu.

Jean Vanier

Jean Vanier

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