10 Interesting Edgar Degas Facts

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Edgar Degas facts give you ides about another famous painter and sculptor.  He lived in the era of Impressionism. Therefore, you can find that most of his works have the impressionist style.  Here are the interesting facts about Edgar Degas:

Edgar Degas Facts 1: date of birth

This famous artist was born on 19th July, 1834 in France. He passed away on 27th December 1917 in Paris, France. He came from in a wealthy family

Edgar Degas Facts 2: early life

Degas was raised by his parents in Paris France. His family was rich enough to support his education. His father was a French banker. His mother was an opera singer. When he was 13 years old, his mother died.

Edgar Degas facts

Edgar Degas facts

Edgar Degas Facts 3: talent

Since Edgar degas’ family was rich, he was able to attain good education.  He went to good school in Paris. When he was a child, he showed his interest in painting. Actually Edgar’s father loved art. But he wanted him to choose another option.

Edgar Degas Facts 4: education

Edgar’s father suggested his to become a lawyer since it was the easier way to get a living than becoming an artist. He agreed to go to law school. However, he begged to his father to leave the school for he was interested in art. Finally his father agreed.

Edgar Degas Painting

Edgar Degas Painting

Edgar Degas Facts 5: Raphael

One of the classical artists that he loved most was Raphael. Edgar loved to go to the famous museum in Paris, Louvre just to copy the masterpieces of Raphael.

Edgar Degas Facts 6: art school

After leaving the law school, he went to the School of Fine Arts.  He studied a lot about painting. Then he decided to go to Italy. Then he scrutinized the works of the famous Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo.

Edgar Degas Portrait

Edgar Degas Portrait

Edgar Degas Facts 7: The Bellelli Family

The Bellelli Family is the picture of the family of his aunt living in Italy. His aunt married to an Italian named Baron Belleli. When he was in Italy, he stayed with his aunt and decided to paint the family.

Edgar Degas Facts 8: return to Paris

When returned to Paris, he decided to become a big artist. He began to submit his painting about the traditional subjects such as the grand historical scenes and postraits in the Salon. The Salon functioned as the official art exhibition in France was not fascinated with his work.

Edgar Degas Pic

Edgar Degas Pic

Edgar Degas Facts 9: finding a new style

Then he tried a new style which escaped from the traditional way and gathered with other artists. They called this group impressionist. Edgar tried to explore the color and light by depicting the ordinary scenes.

Edgar Degas Facts 10: other impressionists

There are many other artists included in the impressionist movement such as Camille Pissarro, Pierre Renoir, and Claude Monet.

Edgar Degas's Work

Edgar Degas’s Work

Edgar Degas had some famous paintings that you can enjoy such as Two Dancers on a Stage, Dance Class at the Opera, Orchestra Musicians, The Bellelli Family and The Dance Class. Do you like reading facts about Edgar Degas?

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