10 Interesting King Herod Facts

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Let’s study on King Herod facts. This man is vital when people want to learn about the Jewish history. King Herod is considered as ruthless, cruel, and ambitious and paranoia king. His life was filled with victory, but also cruelty to his family. Find out more about him by seeing the explanation below:

King Herod Facts 1: governor

His first position was as the governor of Galilee. His got the position from Antipater, Herod’s father. His first cruelty can be seen when he wanted a revolt in Galilee.

King Herod Facts 2: roman civil war

The Roman civil war was affected his career path so much. He appeared as one of the most powerful men at that time. When Augustus became the first roman emperor, Herod switched the allies by supporting Augustus. So, he granted the title as the King of Israel.

King Herod Facts

King Herod Facts

King Herod Facts 3: King of Judea

In 37 BCE, Herod got the title as the king of Judea until his death in 4 BCE. His power as a king lasted for around 33 years. What he had done during his reign included the construction projects for the temple and other buildings.

King Herod Facts 4: the roman backup

As a king, Herod was very powerful. He had the backup from the Roman Empire. There is no need for the Jewish people to be afraid to practice their religion because they were granted exemption.

King Herod Image

King Herod Image

King Herod Facts 5: construction project

As I have stated before there were many construction projects during his reign as a king. He was a very ambitious person who loved with big, massive and ornate buildings.

King Herod Facts 6: huge profit

King Herod got a lot of profit from the trading route.  The money that he gained by crushing taxes was used to develop his area. The budget will be used to cover his big construction projects.

King Herod Movie

King Herod Movie

King Herod Facts 7: a great builder

King Herod is considered as a great builder. He loved with mammoth building. He created wonderful fortresses, palaces and cities. Some of them still exist today. You can see the port city of Caesarea and the fortresses in Herodium and Atonia.

King Herod Facts 8: Hebron

In Hebron, you can see the big edifice. King Harod created it as the summit point on the cave of the Patriarchs.

King Herod Pic

King Herod Pic

King Herod Facts 9: the Tower of David

The Tower of David was another creation of King Herod. This three towers stand as the entrance of the city of Jerusalem. If you visit it, you can also see the fortification.

King Herod Facts10: paranoia person

King Herod was a paranoid person. Since he was filled with jealousy, he killed his wife, Miriam. He also killed all his sons for being too jealous.

King Herod

King Herod

Miriam’s brother, Aristobulus who became the High Priest at that age of 17 years old was killed too because Herod felt threatened. Do you have question on facts about King Herod?

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