10 Interesting Globe Theatre Facts

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Globe Theatre facts are the useful information or those who want to know more about Shakespeare. This theatre is always associated with the famous playwright.  The building is located in London. It has been used for 400 years. Let me show you some interesting facts about Globe theatre below:

Globe Theatre Facts 1: entertainment

Shakespeare’s life was bounded to Globe Theatre because it was the place where he can show his skill and talent as playwright. It is the source of entertainment that the people of London can watch at that time. The Globe theatre contained three buildings.

Globe Theatre Facts 2: location

The creator of Globe Theater was Richard Burbage. He made this building in Southwark. It was on the south bank area of River Thames in London in 1599.

Globe Theatre Audiences

Globe Theatre Audiences

Globe Theatre Facts 3: material

Globe Theater actually was not a new theater. The materials used to create the building were from the reused woods from the Theater. The Theater was a theater owned by the father of Richard Burbage.

Globe Theatre Facts 4: seating

The theater could accommodate 3,000 audiences. It had three stories of seating. The diameter of the story is around 100 feet.

Globe Theatre Image

Globe Theatre Image

Globe Theatre Facts 5: open theater

Globe Theater is not a closed theater. It was created in open air design with round and large shape. The theater looked like a donut from above. Even though it is open, the seating area is covered with a roof only on the circumference.

Globe Theatre Facts 6: the base of the building

People can stand at the base of the globe theater if they do not have a lot of money to get a seat. The groundling people just had to spend a penny to stand and watch the performance on stage.

Globe Theatre Open Air

Globe Theatre Open Air

Globe Theatre Facts 7: stage apron

A stage apron was seen on the original building of Globe Theater.

Globe Theatre Facts 8: motto

Globe Theater is very unique. On the entrance areas, it was filled with a wonderful motto. It came in the Latin words of “Totus mundus agit histrionem”. The meaning is that the world is a playhouse.

Globe Theatre Pic

Globe Theatre Pic

Globe Theatre Facts 9: shareholder

Since the popularity of Shakespeare grew up because of his play, he decided to   take the share of the globe theater for about 12.5 percent.

Globe Theatre Facts 10: color

The color of the flag used in the theater determined the genre of the play. A tragedy play is considered with a black flag. A history play was with a red flag. White is for the comedy play.

Globe Theatre

Globe Theatre

Theater stages were considered risky for ladies. So there was not a female actor here. The characters of women are played by boys. Are you fascinated with facts about Globe Theater?

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