10 Interesting Norwich Facts

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Norwich Facts give the interesting information about the one of the famous cities in the world. Norwich is included as one of the cities of Literature.  Other cities include Iowa, Edinburgh and Melbourne.  Check the following post below for detail facts about Norwich:

Norwich Facts 1: the first book

Many people believe that the first book written by a woman in English is Sixteen Revelations of Divine Love. Dame Julian of Norwich wrote the book in 1393.

Norwich Facts 2: visitors in library

Do you know that the Norfolk and Norwich Millennium Library is visited by more than 1,500, 695 people each year? Compared to any other libraries in United Kingdom, the library lends more books. In a year, the people lend 1,139,090 books.

Norwich at Night

Norwich at Night

Norwich Facts 3: London and Norwich

Even though today, Norwich is not one of the largest cities in UK, it owns the second tallest spire in England. You can see it in Norwich Cathedral. Do you know that a thousand year ago, Norwich was called as the second largest city in UK? The first one was London.

Norwich Facts 4: the freedom of speech

Today people are granted with freedom of speech. In the past, the writer and families who involved in campaigning and upholding the freedom of speech were persecuted. But in 2007, Norwich was called as the first city of Refuge in Britain to save the writers and families.

Norwich Facts

Norwich Facts

Norwich Facts 5: the city wall

The city wall in Norwich had 57 churches during the medieval era. Find out medieval England facts here.

Norwich Facts 6: the medieval defenses

The home of the longest run and largest walled center in medieval defenses is located in Norwich, England.

Norwich Pics

Norwich Pics

Norwich Facts 7: pub

Norwich was filled with a lot of pubs in 19th century.  In a year, there was one new pub every day. In 1870, there were 670 licensed premises.

Norwich Facts 8: Norwich City FC

Norwich City FC is one of the famous football clubs in UK. In the season of 1992 to 1993, this football club played in the inaugural premier league.  It came on the third position.

Norwich Road

Norwich Road

Norwich Facts 9: name

At the end of the word Norwich, -wich was originated from the name of the location where the salt was mined.

Norwich Facts 10: UEFA Cup second round in 1993

UEFA Cup second round in 1993 made Norwich famous in Europe because the team could beat Bayern Munich 2-1.



Chris Sutton is one of the famous players in Norwich City FC. He had scored 43 goals in his career as a footballer. Do you want to give opinion on facts about Norwich?

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