10 Interesting LED Facts

Sunday, June 8th 2014. | Science

LED facts explore the ideas about the Light Emitting Diode. LED is one of the breakthroughs in this century.  You can find many LED lamps and LED TV sold in the stores. This special technology gives you brighter effect. Here are the interesting facts about LED for you:

LED Facts 1: Nick Holonyak, Jr

Nick Holonyak, Jr is the person who developed the first practical LED in red in 1962. At that time, he was working at the General Electric Company.

LED Facts 2: development of LED technology

People are amazed with development of LED technology. It gives us efficient and effective output on the light. The development of LED was a bit similar with Moore’s law. Find another interesting lamp in Lava Lamp facts.

LED Colorful

LED Colorful

LED Facts 3: Mercury

LED light build is safer compared to any other lamps in the stores.  During the manufacturing process, LED is not contaminated with hazardous materials such as mercury.

LED Facts 4: incandescent

Many people choose LED light bulbs than the incandescent lamps. It is due to the fact that the LED light can save 75 percent of energy compared to the incandescent lamps.

LED Lamps

LED Lamps

LED Facts 5: New Years Eve Times Square ball drop

New Years Eve Times Square ball drop is a wonderful event. Do you know that the ball in the event used 32,256 individual LED lights?

LED Facts 6: LED bulbs

LED bulbs can cut the cost of the electricity. It is reported that the energy bill of US can be cut up to 17 billion dollar every year after the government replaced half of the all Christmas bulbs with the cost effective LED lights.

LED Light

LED Light

LED Facts 7: traffic signal modules

There were 77,000 traffic signals modules changed from incandescent lamps to LED light in Kentucky. This decision gives positive effect to the government because they can cut 1.5 million dollar for the lifecycle and maintenance cost. Moreover, Kentucky can save 1.7 million from the reduced energy.

LED Facts 8: 1500 LEDs

The people who have an LED TV can find out that it contains at least 1500 LEDs depending on the size of TV that you have at home. The LEDs are used to light up the 1080 pixel TV.

LED String

LED String

LED Facts 9: durable

LED light is very long lasting. The LED light does not have to be replaced since the day your baby was born until he or she goes to college.

LED Facts 10: bacteria levels

The bacteria levels inside the room can be reduced by placing LED light on the room.



The LED lighting is considered as energy efficient, affordable and eco friendly lamps. Do you have anything to share on facts about LED?

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