10 Interesting Lawyer Facts

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Lawyer facts give your interesting information about one of the difficult profession in the world. Being a lawyer is not as easy as you might think. You need to be smart when arguing with people. Actually there are some funny and surprising facts that I want to tell you in the following post below:

Lawyer Facts 1: employment

Not all of the lawyers work in a firm. Some of them work as partners in law firms. Other lawyers decide to have a solo practice and become a self employed lawyer.

Lawyer Facts 2: formal education

If you are interested to become a lawyer, you need to follow the formal education first. You need to have four-year college degree and spend 3 years in law school.
Then you need to pass the written bar examination. That’s general rule, but it can be different among states in US.

Lawyer  and Books

Lawyer and Books

Lawyer Facts 3: competition

There are many law schools in the world. Since becoming a lawyer is a dream job to many people with great fee and salary, the competition for admission in the school is very strong.

Lawyer Facts 4: a written bar

The written bar examination is very important when the law students want to practice law in the court. You need to get the license by following the bar examination. If you are granted with a license, you can practice law in the jurisdictions or states.

Lawyer Facts

Lawyer Facts

Lawyer Facts 5: competition of law students

You are wrong if you think that the competition among students is not intense. Since there are many people graduated from the law schools, people have to compete and prove that they can serve better the court.

Lawyer Facts 6: famous celebs

There are some famous celebs that hold the law degree, but they decide to end up as actresses, actors or even singers. There are some lawyers who do not make it well.

Lawyer Pic

Lawyer Pic

Lawyer Facts 7: small town

The lawyers who cannot handle the massive competition in the metropolitan areas choose to open a law practice in a small town. It is one of the best ways to make a living.

Lawyer Facts 8: law school graduates

The examples of some law school graduated people who work in non related field of law include the TV personality Ozzie Nelson, the rock musician Ray Minaret and football coach Vince Lombardi.

Lawyer Trial

Lawyer Trial

Lawyer Facts 9: divorce

The recent study stated that women lawyers have high divorce rates compared to the male lawyers. In a month, the female lawyers are involved with anxiety several times. Check divorce facts.

Lawyer Facts 10: pro bono work

Pro bono work sometimes is conducted by the lawyers for free. They will help the people who do not have money.

Lawyer Works

Lawyer Works

If you are interested to become a lawyer, you need to work hard because you need to get the degree and attend the law school before you take the bar test. What do you think on facts about lawyer?

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