10 Interesting Evacuee Facts

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Evacuee facts provide the information about the evacuation of women, men and children during the World War 2 in Britain. WW II is an unforgettable part of the world’s history. People from different parts of world were involved in this war. Find out the real facts about evacuee here:

Evacuee Facts 1: air raids

It was in September 1939 that the evacuation of children from the cities to the countryside areas began. The main reason for the evacuation was for saving them from the air raids.

Evacuee Facts 2: London’s children

The children living in London were transferred to the country areas such as Devon, Cornwall and Wales. Some of them went to the rural areas such as East Anglia.

Evacuee Facts

Evacuee Facts

Evacuee Facts 3: evacuees

Evacuee was a term used by the people at that time to call the evacuated children in Britain. The families with whom they lived while staying in the rural or countryside area were the host families.

Evacuee Facts 4: international evacuation

There were some children evacuated in other countries such as United States, Australia and Canada.

Evacuee WW II

Evacuee WW II

Evacuee Facts 5: transportation

The main transportation used by thousands of children to go to the host families was the special trains. All of them were sad when they had to go out from the house and separate with the family. Since most of them were very young, they thought that they were having vacation.

Evacuee Facts 6: a gas mask

When the evacuees went on the journey for their host families, they had to wear a giant mask to avoid the air raids. They were also given enough food for the journey.



Evacuee Facts 7: a label pin

Each evacuee had a label pin on her or his clothes. The pin stated her or his name, school, home address and destination.

Evacuee Facts 8: enjoyable and memorable moment

Even though many of them were not aware with World War II, some of them could adapt well living in the rural area. Some of them were still in touch with the host families.

Evacuee's Train

Evacuee’s Train

Evacuee Facts 9: the evacuated people

You are wrong if you think that only children were evacuated from London. The disabled people, pregnant women, and teachers were evacuated from the air raid.

Evacuee Facts 10: writing letter

To keep in touch with the parents, the evacuated children sent and received letters.



Since Britain was not heavily bombed by German troops during World War 2, the evacuees went to their home in 1940. Are you interested with facts about evacuee?

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