10 Interesting Latvia Facts

Thursday, June 5th 2014. | Countries

Let’s learn about one of the three countries in Baltic States by reading Latvia facts.  Many people call Latvia as Lettland. It is included in the Baltic States along with Lithuania and Estonia. The people living in Latvia are called the Lettish or Letts people. Here are the facts about Latvia facts:

Latvia Facts 1: Riga

The largest city in the Baltic States is located in Riga. It serves as the capital city of Latvia. Many people like to visit Riga because this city presents the best art novaeu building in European countries.

Latvia Facts 2: Daugava

Daugava is appointed as the longest river in the country. The people also call this river as West Dvina River.  If you want to visit the largest lake in Latvia, you can go to Lake Lubana.

Latvia Beauty

Latvia Beauty

Latvia Facts 3: language

Do you know that the official language in Latvia is Latvian language? People use it as the first language to communicate with others. However, they also speak Russian.

Latvia Facts 4: government type and currency

The government system in Latvia is parliamentary democracy. If you want to trade in Latvia, you need to use the official currency of LVL. You can have 100 santims from one lat.

Latvia Facts

Latvia Facts

Latvia Facts 5: religion

Many people in Latvia embrace Protestant religion. However, you can find many Roman Catholic people living in the southeastern region of Latgalia.

Latvia Facts 6: natural resources

There are various natural resources that the country produces. Some of them include the arable land, amber, wood, hydro power, dolomite, peat and limestone.

Latvia Landscape

Latvia Landscape

Latvia Facts 7: seasons

There are four kinds of seasons in Latvia.  The windy and rainy time occurs in autumn season. The spring season is sunny. In winter, you can find snowy look. The summer season is very hot.

Latvia Facts 8: export and import

There are several products that Latvia exports to other countries. They include metal, foodstuff, fish, fish products, wood products, timber, machinery equipment and food style. The items that it imports from other countries include machinery, energy, fuel, vehicles, and chemicals.

Latvia People

Latvia People

Latvia Facts 9: population

Latvia is home to more than 2 million people in the world.  In the east area, it is bordered by Russia. You can find Lithuania in the south, Estonia to the north and Belarus in the southeast area.

Latvia Facts 10: independence

In 1991, Latvia got the independence from Russia. Therefore, Russian is considered as the second language in the country. Read Russian facts here.



The landscape of Latvia is very green. You can find 27,700 species of plants and animals living in Latvia. Are you interested with facts about Latvia?

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