10 Interesting Edward Jenner Facts

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Edward Jenner facts provide the information about the father of immunology. This man was born with the full name of Edward Anthony Jenner.  He was considered as the founding father of smallpox vaccine discovery. Let see the complete facts about him below:

Edward Jenner Facts 1: vaccine

The smallpox vaccine created by Edward Jenner is the famous breakthrough in the modern world. This is the most effective vaccine ever created by a man. There are many lives saved because of his discovery.

Edward Jenner Facts 2: World Health Organization

Because of his wonderful vaccine, World Health Organization stated that smallpox is an eliminated disease in 1980.

Edward Jenner facts

Edward Jenner facts

Edward Jenner Facts 3: date of birth

The scientist was born on 17th May 1749 in Berkeley, Gloucestershire, England. His father worked as a preacher for the parish. He died when Edward was only 5.

Edward Jenner Facts 4: training

He was trained as the apprentice for a surgeon named Daniel Ludlow during his training in Chipping Sodbury, Gloucestershire. He lived there for 8 years.

Edward Jenner, English Scientist

Edward Jenner, English Scientist

Edward Jenner Facts 5: research

His training made his ability increased. He was interested to make a research about small pox after he had a confession from a girl who stated that she could not get a small pox disease because she had cowpox before.

Edward Jenner Facts 6: a natural observer

His interest to observe the condition in his surrounding occurred since he was a child. He studied about surgery and anatomy when he went to St George’s Hospital, London.  He made a medical practice in Berkeley until he passed away.

Edward Jenner

Edward Jenner

Edward Jenner Facts 7: publication

Jenner made some publications on various medical subjects. One of the famous one was about the angina. He often dined with other scientists and formed American society to discuss about medical researches and subjects.

Edward Jenner Facts 8: patients

Most of Jenner patients were farmers because he decided to live in a rural area.  In the 18th century smallpox became the human pathogenic disease which killed many people at that time.

Edward Jenner's Discovery

Edward Jenner’s Discovery

Edward Jenner Facts 9: cowpox

Jenner made an observation about small pox in the farming area.  He found out that the people who had been affected by milder disease cowpox were never affected by smallpox.

Edward Jenner Facts 10: experiment

To legitimate his finding he made an experiment on his patient named James Phipps. He made two cuts on the arm of Phipps. He filled it with a cowpox puss. The boy remained healthy even though he had a normal reaction of fever.

Jenner's Book

Jenner’s Book

His finding was published in An Inquiry into the Causes and Effects of the Variolae Vaccinae, a Disease Known by the Name of Cow Pox in 1798. Are you inspiraed with facts about Edward Jenner?

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