10 Interesting Kendrick Lamar Facts

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Kendrick Lamar facts provide the amazing information about the one of the most talented rappers in the world. When we talk about the world of rapper, people always associate it with Nas, Dr Dre, or even Snoop Dog. Actually there are many other names of big rappers. One of them is Kendrick Lamar. See the following post below if you want to know more about him.

Kendrick Lamar Facts 1: K.Dot

K.Dot is the pseudonym of Kendrick Lamar. He chose the name when he released Youngest Head Nigga In Charge. This first mixtape by Kendrick Lamar was created in 2003.

Kendrick Lamar Facts 2: a joint venture

When a singer wants to gain victory in the music world, he or she needs to collaborate with great singer and musicians. Lamar did it with Interscope Record and Dr Dre to release his first single Recipe.

Kendrick Lamar Facts

Kendrick Lamar Facts

Kendrick Lamar Facts 3: high school

Not many people know that Kendrick Lamar attended the same high school  with Dr Dre. The high school is located in the Compton, CA.

Kendrick Lamar Facts 4: rappers

Kendrick Lamar is just like many other people. He also has some favorite rappers who influenced him a lot. He include Jay Z, Tupac Shakur, Nas, The Notorious B.I.G and Eminem as the five favorite rappers all of the time. Look at Jay Z facts here.

Kendrick Lamar Pic

Kendrick Lamar Pic

Kendrick Lamar Facts 5: Dr. Dre

Dr. Dre is a successful music producer. He had made many rappers and singers famous under his guidance. One of them is Kendrick Lamar. Dr Dre gave him attention after he listened to Ignorance Bliss of Kendrick. The single was a part of his mixtape Overly Dedicated.

Kendrick Lamar Facts 6: Black Hippy

Black Hippy is west coast rap crew. The members of this crew are Jay Rock, Kendrick Lamar, Ab Soul and Schoolboy Q.


Kendrick Lamar rapper

Kendrick Lamar rapper

Kendrick Lamar Facts 7: Buried Alive

Buried Alive made him gain a lot of attention. He steals the attention of the people with his wonderful verses in Buried Alive. You can listen to the song in Drake’s Take Care album.

Kendrick Lamar Facts 8: Old Dirty Bastard

Old Dirty Bastard is his favorite hip hop group. This group stole the spotlight of the people in 1990s.

Kendrick Lamar Style

Kendrick Lamar Style

Kendrick Lamar Facts 9: Lady Gaga

Kendrick Lamar has a lot of fans in US and Europe. One of his biggest fans is the notable and unique singer Lady Gaga.

Kendrick Lamar Facts 10: J.Cole

The rumor stated that J.Cole the producer of HiiiPower will creat a mixtape with Lamar. However, the issue is never settled until today.

Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar

If you are interested to know the skill of Kendrick Lamar to rap a song, listen to his mixtape. Are you interested reading facts about Kendrick Lamar?

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