10 Interesting Matthew Flinders Facts

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Matthew Flinders Facts present the information about the royal navy ship officer from England. He was born on 16 March 1774 in Donington, Lincolnshire, England. He passed away at the age of 40 years old on 19 July 1814. Let’s find out more facts about Flinders by reading the following post below:

Matthew Flinders Facts 1: fame

Matthew Flinders was very famous until this present day because he was considered as the first man who circumnavigated Australia and identified it as a continent. The occupation of Flinders was also as a cartographer and navigator from England.

Matthew Flinders Facts 2: voyager

There were three voyages that he made during his life. The first one was on August 1791 till August 1793. The second voyage was conducted on February 1795 till August 1800. The last voyage was on July 1801 till October 1810. The destination for all three voyages was on southern ocean.

Matthew Flinders Book

Matthew Flinders Book

Matthew Flinders Facts 3: the second voyage

During the second voyage, Flinders along with George Bass find out that Van Diemen’s Land was an island. Today, Van Diemen’s Land is called Tasmania.

Matthew Flinders Facts 4: the third voyage

In the third voyage, Matthew flinders circumnavigated Australia. Find out Australian facts here.

Matthew Flinders Facts

Matthew Flinders Facts

Matthew Flinders Facts 5: an arrest

Mathew was arrested by the governor when he was repaired the vessel at the Isle de France/ Mauritius. He was jailed 6 years.

Matthew Flinders Facts 6: life in the captivity

It seems that his life in the captivity was not bad. He spent most of his time recording the details of his voyage to Australia. He wanted to publish it in the future. He named the continent Australia for the New South Wales and New Holland.

Matthew Flinders Stamp

Matthew Flinders Stamp

Matthew Flinders Facts 7: A Voyage to Terra Australia

A Voyage to Terra Australia was the book that he published based on the voyage that he made to Australia.  Unfortunately, he did not live when it was published. The book gained critical acclaim from the readers. In 1810, he reached England, but he was suffered and died.

Matthew Flinders Facts 8: parents

Let’s talk about the parents of Flinders. His father was Matthew Flinders who worked as a surgeon. His mother was Susannah.

Matthew Flinders Statue

Matthew Flinders Statue

Matthew Flinders Facts 9: loving the sea

Flinders really loved the sea. He joined the Royal Navy when he was only 15 years old. At first, he was in HMS Alert. But then he was in HMS Scipio.

Matthew Flinders Facts 10: the first voyage

Talking about his first voyage, Flinders went to New South Wales.

Matthew Flinders

Matthew Flinders

Postmaster-General’s Department was a postage stamp with his image in 1964 to honor him.  Do you want to give opinion on facts about Matthew Flinders?

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