10 Interesting Bill Clinton Facts

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Bill Clinton facts provide the factual information about one of the prominent presidents in USA. Many people find out that this man is very handsome. Even though he was not a president anymore, he is active in politics. His wife, Hillary Clinton is also involved in politics too. Here are the complete facts about Bill Clinton. You can find out the information about his scandal, achievement, family life and events during his presidency.

Bill Clinton Facts 1: major events

There were some major events when Bill Clinton was in the office. Some of them include World Trade Center Terrorist Bombing (1993), Oklahoma City federal building Terrorist bombing (1995), Impeachment (1999).

Bill Clinton Facts 2: chickens

People were impressed with this president because he knows much about chicken. He can explain the way the chickens are marketed, processed and raised.

Bill Clinton  and Lewinsky

Bill Clinton and Lewinsky

Bill Clinton Facts 3: law

Bill Clinton decided to study law because he was inspired by a roman villain need Catiline. He was a roguish roman who wanted to burn the city.

Bill Clinton Facts 4: rugby

It seems that the president was involved with rugby when he was in graduate school. He took part as a player in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Bill Clinton  facts

Bill Clinton facts

Bill Clinton Facts 5: Hopalong Cassidy

When Bill Clinton was still young, he was impressed with Hopalong Cassidy. This man considered him as a hero.  This favorite character was seen on his bedspread when he was young. He also loved to dress like a Hopalong. Because of his impression on the character, Bill was asked to write a preface for a book about Hopalong.

Bill Clinton Facts 6: a corporate lawyer

A corporate lawyer was a job that he had to do when he dumped by the voters after being elected as the governor of Arkansas.  He spent two years in Wright, Lindsey and Jennings as a corporate law. It seems that it was one of his unfortunate moments.

Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton Facts 7: apples

Jan Deutsch was his professor. This man always ate the apple not only the fruit but also the stem, root and seed. He stated that it gave him more mineral and vitamin.  To remember his professor, he sometimes eats apple of the way through.

Bill Clinton Facts 8: wedding day

Bill Clinton and Hillary Rodham Clinton married on 11th October 1975. Then both had a daughter named Chelsea Clinton.



Bill Clinton Facts 9: Lewinsky scandal

Lewinsky scandal was very famous when he was in the presidency. This political sex scandal involved Bill Clinton and a 22 year old Monica Lewinsky. Bill admitted to have a scandal with Lewinsky.

Bill Clinton Facts 10: Whitewater Scandal

Another scandal is Whitewater Scandal. It was a failed business venture between Jim and Susan McDougal and Bill and his wife. However, Bill was found not guilty.

US president

US president

Bill was considered as handsome president. He has the height around 6 feet and 2.5 inches. When he was a child, people called him as Bubba. What do you think on facts about Bill Clinton?

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